Shilpa Shetty pulls star fruit and shares its health benefits: “Fantastic source of vitamin C”


Shilpa Shetty takes Health and Beauty seriously. It’s no wonder then that her Instagram profile has inspiring videos and posts about yoga and clean eating. Recently, the actress shared a video in which she is seen pulling fruit directly from her own garden.

In the caption, she wrote: “You all know my obsession with picking fruit. So, I couldn’t resist anymore and yesterday I went ‘fruit picking’ in my garden. (Sic)”

In the video, the actor seemed to enjoy the simple pleasure of picking fruit from trees. He grabbed some carambolas, also known as carambola o’kamrakh‘ in Hindi, and said, “I’ll eat them with Chaat Masala or pink salt.

“It’s amazing when you plant with your own hands, it grows into a tree and bears fruit…nothing beats that feeling,” she wrote, adding that carambola “is a fantastic source of vitamin C and helps support the immune system.” ”.

“Adding a pinch of pink salt makes the flavor even more amazing (if you have any kidney-related ailments, avoid this one),” he warned.

For the uninitiated, carambola is shaped like a five-pointed star and has a sweet and sour taste. The skin of the fruit is edible, and according to healthline.comTo be able to eat it, you must do the following:

1. Make sure it’s ripe. It should be yellow with just a tinge of green.
2. Rinse the fruit.
3. Cut the ends.
4. Cut it.
5. Remove the seeds before consumption.

You can add the fruit to salads, as a dressing, or even make a juice. Some people also use it to make chutneys.

Would you like to try it?

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