She was pierced with a steel rod after falling from a height of 6 meters and she survived.


One woman, surprisingly, a . survived after being planted by steel bar After falling from the second floor of his house during an attack by a suspected monkey in Azamgarh city of Uttar Pradesh state (India,

Unusual accident occurred after being identified as 20-year-old victim the resultAccording to the Jam Press portal, he was allegedly approached by a gang of monkeys while walking on the terrace.

While trying to fight the apes, the young woman fell more than twenty feet over a barred boundary wall, for which a sharp rod pierced her abdomen and back.

Khatija remained there for an hour before being discovered by her family members, who tried to free her. And although they managed to separate him from the boundary wall, the other half of the bar remained in his body.

Anticipating a worst-case scenario, his family took him to the medical center, where staff performed emergency surgery.

According to the surgeon, after the delicate surgery, doctors managed to remove the rod and the victim is “out of danger at this time”. shishir jaiswal, However, it is yet to be decided whether he will be able to make a full recovery.

It is not yet clear whether the patient collapsed due to a dispute with the monkeys. Significantly, aggressive macaques have been responsible for frequent attacks throughout the Asian country.

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