SHCP authorizes the construction of the company “Integral Tourism Islas Marias”


Finance and Public Debt Secretariat (SHCP) authorized the formation of a company with a majority state participation, called “Turistica Integral Islas Marias, SA de CV”, under coordination Marine Secretary,

In this Thursday’s edition Federation’s official journal (DOF) resolution was published. The company has been assigned a budget of one million pesos.

“The constitution of a majority state partnership company is authorized, the organization and operation of which shall be that of a convertible capital stock company, with reference to the regulations of the General Law of Commercial Companies, the Federal Law of Parastatal Entities, Federal Law of Parastatal Entities and other applicable legal provisions, which shall be grouped into coordinated area by the Secretary of the Navy”, reads the resolution.

It is indicated that the Company may, through permits and authorizations, take all necessary actions for the provision of low environmental impact tourist services.

“The formation of a majority state partnership company is authorized” Photo: Special

“Whose purpose is the provision of travel services It is specified, of low environmental impact, in the Islas Marías archipelago, under a model of equitable and respectful development of habitat that promotes cultural diversity and the protection of the natural environment.

authorized budget

In addition, you can obtain any title, concessions, permits, licenses, authorizations to fulfill your corporate purpose.

“The initial amount of state participation will be $1,000,000.00 (one million pesos 00/100 MN), which corresponds to $990,000.00 (nine hundred and ninety thousand pesos 00/100 MN) of budgetary origin. Marine SecretaryIn his capacity as majority shareholder, and $10,000.00 (ten thousand pesos 00/100 MN) is established in Banco Nacional del Ajercito, Fuerza Area y Armada, Sociedad Nacional de Credito, as minority shareholder, in DOF.

It was stipulated that the disbursements arising on account of the entry into force of the said resolution, would be recovered from the authorized budget for the Secretary of the Navy “with compensation movements, so that its regular budget would not be increased and no resources would be authorized for the financial year”. for or after that”.

resolution is signed Rogelio Eduardo Ramirez de la OFinance and Public Debt Secretary.


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