Sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone 2 officially confirmed


Activision is working on two big Call of Duty projects in 2022, the company announced through a blog post. The first is the follow-up to 2019’s Modern Warfare remake, while the other is a new Warzone release that will be designed from the ground up.

Developer Infinity Ward will take over both titles, having previously worked on the Modern Warfare series, Infinite Warfare, and Ghosts. It’s currently unclear if the new “Warzone experience” is an entirely new game or just a major update along the lines of Fortnite’s seasonal changes and updates to the map and its items.

But Activision promises a massive evolution of Battle Royale with a “whole new play space” and sandbox mode, which we assume will allow players to create custom maps and feature a modding tool to play with your default settings. The company also claims that both games will be powered by a new engine, which could be powered in part by the microsoft acquisition last month, causing work patterns to change.

The blog post also details some news and updates for the ongoing Season 2 of COD: Vanguard and war zone. Activision has stated that they have no plans to add a FOV slider on consoles. A field of view is the maximum angle of the observable world that your eyes can see, where everything in front of you is inside and everything beyond your peripheral vision cannot be seen. The slider allows you to increase that degree of display to see more images on the screen.

The update would give console players a slight advantage in planning their tactics in advance, especially when facing off against PC players via crossplay. Unfortunately, this highly requested feature will not be available as it has a huge impact on the performance of previous generation consoles. “Our goal is for Warzone to be a seamless experience across all platforms, so we don’t plan to implement a FOV Slider on console at this time,” he read.

Other changes include over 30 quality of life improvements to COD: Warzone, such as better texture rendering and optimization, bug fixes, new animations, and overall motion fluidity.


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