Secrets of ‘alien mummy’ found in Atacama desert


In 2003, a strange body was found in the Atacama Desert in the northern region of Chile. Only 15 cm long and with unusually strong bones, many debates have arisen about its origin since its discovery.

One of the most popular theories was that it was a foreign body, Because in addition to having such a small size, it also had a conical skull. The body was naturally mummified due to the dry conditions of the Atacama Desert. Thus, many people bet that it would be extraterrestrial life.

According to ‘La Vanguardia’, an Iberian newspaper, when the mummy was found, Spanish businessman Ramon Navia-Osorio bought the remains and until 2012 allowed scientist Steven Greer to study Ata’s body—the name given to the mummy—, X- Ray and Kat with the machine.

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Greer is the founder of the Disclosure Project, a project that seeks to collect and explain all the information gathered around alien life forms and their alleged technical and scientific mysteries.

Study on the remains of Atas

After analysis by a radiologist, it was discovered that the bones had reached the same bone growth as a 6-year-old child, but the remains are the size of a human fetus.

Despite his eccentric beliefs, Greer also provided samples of Eta to Gary Nolan, an immunologist at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. DNA analysis of those samples conclusively concluded that the body belonged to a human.

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“Once we knew it was human, the next step was to determine what it looked like,” Nolan told the science magazine National Geographic.

It is only 15 cm long.

According to the study conducted with genetic experts from Stanford University, Ata has seven different mutations in her DNA. Each mutation corresponds to a gene related to growth. Nolan also speculated that Ata was probably a dead fetus, due to the many mutations it suffered.

ATA: Pseudo-science and conspiracy theories?

William Jungers, a paleontologist and professor emeritus at the University Medical Center at Stony Brook, discusses the most recent studies on Eta and its origins.

They didn’t throw it, they thought it was important. it was someone’s child

“Foreign propaganda was stupid pseudoscience promoted to get media attention,” Jungers told National Geographic.

According to the expert on human remains, after all They may completely refute the theories that revolved around Ata being an alien. Furthermore, Gary Nolan argues that mutations affecting the unborn child are probably due to misfortune.

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This means that the parents may not have inherited all the genetic problems as both reached reproductive age, as demonstrated by the existence of the ata.

He highlighted in an interview with ‘National Geographic’ that he believes It was a wanted child, because when they found the mummy there were signs that it had been carefully placed on the ground and wrapped in a small leather bag.: “They didn’t throw it, they thought it was important. It was someone’s baby.”

For this reason, he invites restraint regarding conspiracy theories and recommends that Ata be returned to Chile for burial.

The immunologist concluded, “I don’t think people should be trafficking in human bodies saying they’re aliens just to make money.”

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