Sebastian Lelio returns Florence Pugh in period costume in spectacular ‘The Wonder’


In two years, Sebastian Lelio (Santiago de Chile, 48) made a series of three films, two of them in English, and collected countless awards, including an Oscar. still remember that to promote a wonderful lady -with which he took the statue of Hollywood- He was only absent from shooting for a few hours at the 2017 Berlinale Disobedience, Love drama with Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz as two ultra-Orthodox Jews. “And when I premiered Disobedience, I was already filming Gloria Bell, Julianne Moore”, he recalls via video call from Toronto. was good to think,” he insists. And he paused and the thinking took over. Wonder, Joe is competing in the official section of San Sebastian this Thursday after its screenings in Telluride (Colorado, USA) and Toronto, and featuring Florence Pugh, an actress of the moment, for her talent. The controversy that has surrounded the route through the Venice competition Don’t worry, for his disagreement with its director Olivia Wilde,

Wonder, Which hits theaters ahead of its premiere on Netflix on November 16, bringing that period dress back to the wardrobe of Pugh, who became famous with lady macbeth (2016), before entering productions with higher budgets, such as Little Women, Midsummer either Kali Mai When she fills the frame as Lib Wright, an English nurse, to observe a 12-year-old girl in rural Ireland in 1862, she brings enormous physicality, and who ensures that she feeds manna from heaven. Saint or deceiver? And, as Wright soon learns, who cares if there’s a miracle in this muddy, poor Midlands town? “He is the gateway to the patriarchal society. And as a good rationalist, she is only in science, in research, and feels that somehow the child is being fed. That is why there are many moments of reflection and that is why I need an actress who can almost articulate her thoughts”, develops Chile.

bigotry against humanity

In Wonder The game does not proceed between miracles or science, but between fanaticism and humanity. “What matters is that Wright and the public explore the mechanics, because once they reveal it, they understand the cause, a disastrous cause that inspired me to make the film, and that nursed my own. drives the health system to blow up. Values”, insists Lelio, who has introduced himself into that character. “Pain traps and alters morale.”

I admire Florence more every day, that’s all I can say”, the director said of the disagreement between his lead actress and Olivia Wilde, the director of ‘Don’t Worry, Dear’

The film has benefited in various aspects from the pandemic. “It’s almost my first film after the Oscars, because two years on a cinematographic scale is nothing. That winter of 2017 I already knew I was going to series these projects and I decided that their ending I have to stop. Covid gave me time to reflect and inspired me to create a new cinema,” says Chili, who defends this theory: “You can see in today’s cinema that many films are in that crisis. The daughters of whom we have gone through.” In your case, Wonder Protects the generality of science. “Logic more than magical thinking, or science more than superstition,” he replies. “But let me go further: The film depicts the clash between belief systems. Science vs. Faith. Wonder It is itself a construction and uses the same mechanism by which the viewer perceives Lieb, which Lieb develops to believe his story. Finally, a question is posed to the public: What do you believe in?

As a final note, Lelio insists: “It is not worth sheltering in thought, because by its very nature an idea can be dismantled, changed. That is, what is happening today, with the attack on science, With the condemnation of rationality, and those who claim to know an unchanging truth, what the rest of us call bigotry. Wonder This is a film against bigotry and its dangers.”

Florence Pugh in the middle, with Tom Burke and Killa Lord Cassidy in ‘The Wonder’.

Two Other Names, Beyond Pugh, Chen lady macbeth You Wonder: screenwriter Alice Birch, who collaborated with Lelio to adapt Emma Donoghue’s novel; and cinematographer Ari Wegner, Oscar nominated for dog power. “The first time I saw Florence Lady Macbeth, And I was very impressed”, recalls Lelio. “But Emma, ​​Alice and I wrote the script without names in our heads. Florence entered the end very quickly. Three days passed, especially for Alice, until they signed the contract. So happy for us. We had a film and we started looking for an actress to play the girl.” And from the stands, how does Lelio see this disagreement between his lead actress and Olivia Wilde Don’t worry? Chili breathes, smiles and says: “I admire Florence more every day, that’s all I can say.”

Lelio has a natural fondness for female lead characters, “never programmatic”. “In my first rehearsal in film school, I had already made a parallel story between the lives of four women. We’re talking about 1997, so it’s always been there,” he replies. “I look for characters who are characters because of their feelings and desires, a film where society doesn’t see it. with splendor It is clear, there is a deep and real connection, and it was from that impulse that I triggered all these scripts. Gloria deserved her movie. Actually, there were two: one with Paulina Garcia in 2013, and Gloria Bell, The character was moved to Los Angeles with Julianne Moore. “She’s absolutely right [risas], However, we are still in debt to the number of female fiction and female filmmakers.

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