Scandal in Venezuela: A woman throws boiling water at her husband when he comes home drunk


a woman 63 years old, originally from Cumana, Venezuela Beaten up fellow and threw boiling water, arrestedWho is currently battling with injuries all over the body.

apparently older adults burnt his partner when he came in drunk mode Your home. The victim has been identified as 53-year-old Manuel Rafael Rivero Segura.

According to the couple’s neighbors, woman and man arguedPhysically and verbally, after Manuel Rafael comes home drunk, but in an effort to avoid discussion, the subject goes to sleep in his room, a fact that enraged the older adult.

When the man went to his room, his companion put the water to boil; Later he entered the victim’s bedroom and given a series of blows to the headeventually Poured boiling water all over the body.

Avoiding the argument of the man, the woman heated the water. Photo: Pixabay

Following the incidents, the man ran out of his house and started asking for help from neighbors in the neighborhood where he lived, who alerted the authorities. Police of Kumana Fire Department, Sukre Municipality reached the spot to help the victim.

After conducting a medical review, officials remarked that Rivero suffered first-degree burns to 57% of his body and two superficial head injuries.cause Hits What your partner has given you.

Manuel Raphael remains hospitalized He was seriously burned, and also hit on the head. His injuries were classified as “serious” at the hospital.

in present, woman in custody In the police of the Municipality of Sucre and the case was placed on the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Ministry of Public. The person’s neighbors and relatives will be witnesses in this case.

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