Scams against tax debtors on the rise in Bogota: measures to avoid falling


In recent months there have been various cases of scams in Bogota. is one of the ways criminals through tax collection Well, in early 2022, there were different problems from Diane’s side on the platform in charge.

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As a result, a series of special data gangs used contingency to dupe people who were unable to pay their taxes in the usual way. In May the unit launched an alert.

However, in Alerts have been received again on 6 September About this type of scam. Civil complaints indicate that criminals use a variety of methods to commit theft. Some received false letters, text messages or calls claiming to be the state.

In these communications they state that recapture or discount may be offered forSo that their loan can be repaid immediately. In many cases, the citizens themselves were the debtors. However, in others they were up to date and convinced they had tax debt.

Now, in the process they ask that the payment be made Originated through third parties and with accounts of natural persons. However, there are many citizens who have appropriated the money. Of course, the taxpayer loses the money and continues the debt with the district treasury.

For this reason, the Secretary of the Treasury has indicated that citizens should be alert to confusing signals about payment processes and that The sole valid consignment is made in the name of the entity.

According to El Tiempo, one of the most recent cases involved a property taxpayer in the Santa Isabel neighborhood, in the city of Los Martiers, who received a letter through a courier company with letterhead and barcode containing they warn that he is owed And he had to communicate on some cell phone numbers.

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In that case, the letter was not addressed to a specific name, but contained the property’s identification chip. When the citizen called, a woman told that she had a 6,200,000 pesos approvedS for late payment of tax. They also warned him that the matter was going to go to legal collection. Then they asked him to call back in 20 minutes.



“It’s very reliable. They knew we had debt and that meant they had access to some Treasury platform.””, said the citizen. The taxpayer was in debt but he preferred to approach the secretary where he informed him that it was a fraudulent attempt.

There are a total of 170 complaints of fraud and lying in a public document from the district secretary of finance and all are under investigation. the offense of fraud is a Sentenced to between 2 and 8 years in prison and of lying in a public document from 3 to 6 years. It is not without counting that they may have aggravating factors or be typified as a conspiracy to commit a crime.

Diana Blanco, the Under-Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance and a defender of citizenship, says that of the total complaints, only 15 are known to have sent money to private bank accounts and not to the district. According to the official, these people paid Between 500,000 and 10,000,000 pesos.

,Fortunately, in many cases the scam is not achieved; However, we have a fair share of cases where citizens fall”, says the official.

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The areas where most cases of fraud or attempt have been reported are Kennedy, Barrios Unidos, Tusaquillo, Engativa, Chapinero and UsaquenMainly the areas of level 3, 4 and 5.

So you can avoid being a victim of scam

1. Verify that the official communication from the Ministry of Finance comes from an email containing the domain

2. The messages should invite you to communicate directly with the entity.

3. The Ministry of Finance never asks to call cell phone numbers, nor does it have 018000 lines.

4. Payment can be made only by downloading the form in the virtual office or at the banks and banking correspondents who have an agreement with the Ministry of Finance to do so.

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5. When payment facilities are provided to the taxpayers, they are informed about the dates established by the tax rules through official channels of the institution or district.


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