Bob Odenkirk (L) and Rhea Seehorn (R) in a scene from the series ‘Better Call Saul’. , AMC

We would never have understood the lawyer very well without meeting Kim Wexler, his co-worker, his friend, and later his wife, with whom he gave us one of the best-told stories about adult relationships in current fiction. Is.

It’s been weeks since ‘Better Call Saul’ ended and it still comes to me from time to time. This may sound silly, as it hasn’t been long since the final chapter of Vince Gilligan’s opus aired. But it is not that easy for a series to make its mark in this time when there are ten releases every Friday and as many are announced on every Monday. Everything is consumed and quickly forgotten. Very fast Everything except ‘Better Call Saul’.

The “Breaking Bad” prequel was conceived to be done without haste and without any preconceived ideas. Because, even if it looked like this, it would have nothing to do with what we already saw and because they weren’t in a hurry to find out what their real intentions were. In addition to explaining who Saul was, he wanted to portray how the people around us influence the way we behave, our decisions. We will never understand the lawyer well without meeting all those who have surrounded him, especially Kim Wexler, his co-workers, his friends and later his wife, with whom he has given us a story about adult relationships. is best described as about current fantasies. We have not been forgotten.

Actress Rhea Seehorn, by the way, is going to star in Gilligan’s next project, dropped by Apple TV +, which is HBO’s next. Seehorn deserved to win every award in the world in recent years. He hasn’t won them. Probably because it was part of a series that has nothing to do with the current demands of platform users. It is also true that because of that singularity, it will take us a long time to forget Saul and his people.

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