Sara Garcia-Alonso, Spaniard chosen by ESA as a replacement astronaut


Researcher Sara Garcia Alonso (Leon, 1989) has been chosen substitute astronaut and joins aeronautical engineer Pablo Álvarez Fernández (León, 1988) of the European Space Agency (ESA), who was chosen as one of the new astronauts, thus becoming the third in Spain’s history. Michael Lopez-Alegria (NASA) and Pedro Duque (ESA).

Breast cancer specialist Garcia Alonso stood out at the Salamanca Cancer Research Center, where she entered with an impressive academic resume: She earned a grade of 9.71 in her specialty. In an interview he gave to ‘Diario de León’ in 2014, the then young Promise explained that his aim, “like all of us who work on it”, was the definitive eradication of cancer.

Eight years ago she completed her thesis on the discovery of therapeutic targets against breast cancer… and she recognized that she would have to leave the country to continue her training and complete her projects. «I see the same difficulties in this process that thousands of young people who dream of starting a research career go through.

The researcher denounced the barriers that undermine the Spanish investigative system. “The sharp cut in R+D+I has dealt a serious blow to science in Spain and has significantly reduced the hiring potential in public research organisations, universities and technology centres. All this as an opportunity and favor Makes it extremely difficult. Brain drain”.

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she was particularly difficult in the interview discrimination faced by women Those who want to devote themselves to research in science career. In a complaint supported by associations such as AMIT (Association of Women Researchers and Technologists), she explained, “As you go down responsibilities and positions, such as chair, the number of men increases and the number of women decreases.”

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Sara Garcia Alonso’s professional career has led her to delve into biomedicine and broaden her fields of study to molecular and cellular biology as well as cancer therapy. She works as a researcher at the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO). There he developed his activity in precision medicine, leading the experimental oncology and drug discovery projects in the laboratory of Mariano Barbacid.

among his hobbies, scuba diving highlights, thereby certifying him as an open water scuba diver. According to Efe, he also practices Krav Maga fighting style, skydiving and personal training.


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