Sara Carbonero seeks refuge with her mother and sister during her hospital stay


Three years after being operated on for ovarian cancer and undergoing grueling chemotherapy treatments, Sara Carbonero faced that nightmare again. The journalist was undergoing a routine check-up at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra in Madrid, when doctors found something they decided to operate on immediately on Monday, November 21.

The Madrid hospital team ordered the journalist to be admitted, and although no further details were given about the type of intervention she had, it is known that she is surrounded by her closest circle, who, as always, have supported her. Showed unconditional support. his mother, Goi Arvelo, his sister, Irene Carbonero; And his great friend, journalist Isabel Jimenez, hasn’t been by his side either.

Goi Arvelo arrived at the University Clinic of Navarra.


The information that comes from the hospital is reassuring and his closest circle focuses on his recovery. The journalist, for his part, has spoken for the first time. He has done it not with words, but with a beautiful song full of meaning: Theme little, The Canarian artist Valeria Castro, of whom she considers herself an unconditional follower and with whom she has a very special friendship.

Besides his sister, his mother and Isabel Jiménez; The only one who wanted to speak was Iker Casillas, the journalist’s ex-husband and father of her two children, who has followed her condition since learning of her admission.

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The networks are perplexed by some of the publications of Iker Casillas.

The former captain of the Spanish football team is currently in Qatar as a member of the RTVE delegation as a commentator, and although he considered not traveling to the Arab country to be with his family, he is available for any news. are pending and ready to return to Spain. if necessary. Of course, there is a lot of resentment from the press for how the issue is being treated in connection with the communicator’s illness.

What has not been seen in the hospital for the time being is Sara’s current partner, the artist of Zaragoza Nacho Taboda, who has become the most striking absence.

Irene Carbonero, Sara’s big support

Sara Carbonero will always remember 2019 as one of her toughest years, but as always, she was lucky to have a lot of support: her little sister, Irene, who was always by her side through all the good and bad times.

Four years younger than the journalist, Irene has always kept a discreet background, although at all times by Sarah’s side. In fact, she is the one who is taking care of little Martin and Lucas Casillas while Sara is hospitalized.

Journalists Sara Carbonero and Irene Carbonero at the Corral de Almaguer, Toledo, Monday 23 December 2019.

Sara and Irene Carbonero have always been very close,


“You never complained about anything, always at the foot of the Canyon with a positive word and a good gesture, even when your back ached from nights spent on the hospital couch, or when you enthusiastically I started a new job the same day they operated on me and you had to change your plans,” the journalist wrote on the occasion of his sister’s 32nd birthday, thanking her for being by his side during her complicated first chemotherapy treatment. For.

“Last year we shared moments of all color and except for twice, you never lost the smile on your face, those eyes that sparkled brighter than any other and laughed even though you were broken inside Now, sober and with the perspective that he has given us the time, we can say that we made it together, because without you I wouldn’t have done it”, he concluded.


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