Santa Yulia Cries With Laughter, by Imma Sasto


me who has always been inclination to the weakthat I like to have dinner with a few people and if I go to a concert or theatre, I like to have it in a small room, I find it hard to sympathize with the biggest festival in my city, Barcelona. I don’t go out on the town much, but I like the biggest parties in the neighborhood. my favorite, ‘The main festival of Gracia’, I also had the honor of being the protagonist of the 199th edition. Goosebumps and a feeling that’s hard to explain. I organize my holidays every year so that I can be in Gracia from the fourteenth to the twenty-first of August. That is holy. Then come the saints. More options, but very authentic. The whole month is filled with parties in Barcelona and all over Catalonia. Celebration Head of Villafranca, Manresa, Mieres, Amposta, Vilasar, Monel, and many more. And when it seems like we can finally relax, when the hangover has passed and we’ve put away all those plastic cups we don’t return because we’re so excited to collect, that’s when When the greatest of all parties shows up: PARTY! Major de la Merce! One who is like the mother of all others. The one with the best concert, biggest legend, longest corfolk, most popular poster and most important announcement. But you won’t deny me that it lacks some magic.

He wants to be so perfect that it doesn’t flow the way it should. At least I think so. to top, Every year it rains buckets, legend says it is Santa IuliaThe first patron saint of the city, who weeps out of anger, jealousy or sorrow. Who knows. Another festival that I really like is the winter festival, right of Santa Yulia. I still like it because in winter we are not so saturated with parties or because, as I told you at the beginning, I have a predilection for the weak. However the truth is that Iulalia was anything but weak. Too violently tortured, crucified and burned when she was only thirteen years old to stand up for the person in charge at the time., She died like a boar until she died and years later she was canonized, Brave, vengeful, righteous and helpful. What did La Merce do to steal his place? Well, absolutely nothing. Those who pray for their virgins say that They stopped an epidemic of locusts The one who devastated the city and answered his prayers made him a patron saint as a thank you. Far less romantic and overwhelmingly inappropriate, but this is how he took away the throne from poor Yulia. but the mars festival Always leaves great taste in our mouth, the last day offers us Fireworks, Those who never go to the rhythm of the music. But it doesn’t matter, because we don’t see it on TV and we don’t go to Montjuc. We meet up with friends, on the terrace of Gracia of writer and friend Anna Manso and we make peace with Merck, wishing Santa Yulia would be with him, looking at everything from the other side of the universe and laughing out loud Are. Like it’s raining I want tears of laughter!

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