Sania Mirza enjoys this popular Indian breakfast food, guess what it is


Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has been an inspiration to many. Her journey on the tennis court has motivated young people to pursue sports as a profession. After winning hearts with her prestigious awards and victories, Sania Mirza is now upping her game on social media. If you scroll through her Instagram account, you will see that Sania is super active with regular posts and stories, most of which feature her exercise regimen, diet plan, family time and photo diaries. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that today, the Arjuna award-winning athlete has become a social media influencer. She enjoys 8.8 million followers on the photo-sharing app.

As mentioned above, Sania Mirza regularly shares her diet regimen on Instagram and seems to like to maintain a healthy balance between a clean diet and sinful indulgences. Keeping with her tradition, she took to her Instagram Story to reveal what she recently had for breakfast; and she trusts us, we could totally relate to that. Can you guess what the dish could be? It is a hearty dish of anda bhurji, with tomato and onion. In addition to the anda-bhurji, we also got to see a plate full of avocado with salt and pepper sprinkled on top. “Anything better than bhurji for breakfast,” he captioned the story.

Have a look:

It looks healthy; it’s not like that? If you also want to enjoy a Sania Mirza-style breakfast, here we have an incredible surprise for you. We bring you two amazing variations on the classic anda bhurji recipe that can be a healthy meal any time of day. Click here to see the recipe.


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