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Pedro Sanchez, are generally better advised on foreign than domestic policy, have joined Joe Biden’s proposal to reform the United Nations system. This Thursday a gulf between the Security Council and global public opinion reopened. Russia vetoed a resolution against Putin’s escalation in war. The United Nations system based on checks and balances is still the successor to the post-World War II world. It is organized around a balance between a democratic majority and the use of force. Nuclear weapons turn some states into deciders and the rest to their satellites. Today the reality is not like that. States, large or small, seek to generate interdependence and city networks, for example, have a greater impact on daily life than military blocs. The UN needs to adapt to globalization, and it will not be able to do so while the veto remains its decision-making body, Whereas in fact, Having a nuclear weapon is more important than recognizing a democratic takeover. Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz wrote a great book titled ‘The uneasiness of globalization’, This made the United States and the European Union so ugly that they accepted Russia and China into free trade agreements without demanding minimal democratic takeover., We are already suffering the consequences of their full intensity with Russia. And President von der Leyen warned in his State of the Union address that we are in a similar danger in China. Franco’s Spain It entered the United Nations as a dictatorship, but was not in the European Union at the time. And it was never the preferred partner in the OECD. Democracy and free market are two sides of the same coin. Nuclear weapons cannot serve as a safe conduct for enjoying the second without adopting the first. This UN is increasingly unfriendly to a good portion of the population. It is not enough to please the states, although the real politics is bound to deal with the most unpleasant ones, but they cannot be given the power of veto. Those votes in the Security Council discourage countries that do not have nuclear weapons that are not democracies. And they discourage those inside Russia or China who are fighting to win it. Sanchez, you are right. He follows good advice in foreign policy.

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