Samuel and Colossio in front of Morena


Moving to 2024, the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepulveda, and the Mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, lead a poll conducted by the Poligramma Mancha as opposition candidates for the 2024 presidential elections.

Luis Donaldo Colosio, Ricardo Anaya and Samuel García are positioned as the favorites to face Morena’s candidates, according to a PolyGram poll conducted on September 19 and 20. Competence and honesty are qualities in which both characters have the highest ratings, well above those of Enrique Alfaro and Mauricio Villa.

Young and Immacists’ ability will play on the same court against the old and incompetent Morena. While President Corcolata faces an uphill battle within his party, Movimiento Ciudadano draws his best profile from the north of the country to head to the competition.

This will not be the first vote in which the governor of Nuevo León shows more growth; in the same week, the huge-collar polling house gave 58% of the preferences for Samuel to lead the civic movement’s candidacy for president, placing it around Enrique. Changed. Alfaro, which was presented as a favorite until a year ago.

The already controversial, pairing of Samuel and Colossio in the country’s north is generating so much hope in a government exercise that has placed them in the political eye on a national level, the first to control the unit that brought together . the country’s economic power, and in the past months it went through the largest registered water crisis in the unit; Second to rule the capital and inherit the political capital of one of the most heartfelt characters for the Mexican.

With the political issue comes the economic issue, and we should not ignore it, the wave of investment that has reached the state will give room to the governor in all areas to move, and will certainly give more weight to the northern region than the national At the level, Samuel knows that we must take advantage of the moment that is promoting nearer coast, and the entire relocation of the plant from China to the north of Mexico.

The Ammeista government’s work exceeds expectations, as it has shown that it has “catched the bulls by the horns” and that they work coordinatedly, in addition to creating a bridge for dialogue with companies.

The political path that is explored from the north is therefore tied to the economic issue, and has its own way under two interpretations: either it manages to put the opposition candidate in front of Morena’s bottle caps or it tip the balance. Will vote for the 2024 presidential election.

Today Samuel and Colossio ride together toward the candidacy, halfway through the journey one of the two must descend to accompany the other as part of the same team and they know it.

those days

by Lucero Pacheco Martinez


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