Samsung will be the first phone brand to have Wi-Fi 7 compatible devices


with the passing of Years come, mobile devices With new technologies, as will be the case with the next standard wifi 7, The next generation of connectivity offers greater speeds, optimized bandwidth and . promises to will be available in two years, Thus, Samsung will be the first manufacturer to include new connection version with Galaxy S24, as reported by DigiTimes portal.

Unlike the version 6E, the Wifi 7 will be a major update as it enters the 6 GHz band, which will complement the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. reach speeds of up to 36 Gbps,

The year 2024 will be the projected year for the launch of Wi-Fi 7. In addition, Intel stated that they are already working on developing their own customized chips, so that laptops and routers can enjoy the new connectivity.

Similarly, Samsung will choose the second quarter of 2024 to launch its future flagship smartphone with Wi-Fi 7. While it is known that only the highest-end devices will have access to the technology, they may also be present in the middle. range device..

Similarly, MediaTek and Qualcomm have revealed their chips compatible with a future version of Connectivity at Mobile World Congress. The production of the components has already been completed, but in this case it will not be the Galaxy S23 that will release them.

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