Salvador Sostress: Glovos


They call me from Glovo in the morning. A boy’s voice that appears higher than that of a businesswoman or secretary. He asks me, tells me there is a problem related to my account which has piqued the interest of the company. Apparently some nights between twelve and one I order small, like Hagen Dazs or tubs of microwave popcorn. When the delivery man comes, he rings the intercom and there is no answer, not even the operator who tries to contact me by phone. “We don’t have any complaints because the ordering is charged uniformly, but we wonder if this happens regularly and we want to know if there’s anything we’ve overlooked.” I think the boy’s correction deserves the truth and I tell him. Like any right-wing, intelligent person who has unfortunately not been stricken badly, my two main drawbacks are that I can eat a lot less than I want and meeting girls really causes me heart problems. . Those who solve me find it hard to sleep too, because the daily articles never let you believe that you’ve finished your work. For all of these reasons I try not to eat dinner, but if I do have something to eat one night, usually a couple glasses of wine or gin and tonic fall down. They don’t make you as fat as what you ate from above, but they do give a certain mood. As I know myself, the first thing I do when I get home is Stilnox, a fantastic drug that puts me to sleep with an elegance and class that it takes me half an hour to beat the rest of the day right. Stays, even if it was bullshit. But there’s always a night when it takes longer to have an effect, and if I start watching a series already in bed, on the iPad, between the fact that I haven’t eaten dinner and a sleeping pill. There is a beautiful feeling of, and that self-indulgence, so harsh, when authority feels comfortable, that I’m sure the prize of an ice cream or one of those girls, to my surprise and tenderness, still gives me the gift of everything. Loves though, can’t hurt. It’s a real hunger, it’s a solid desire, and each of these nights I remember seeing other people I’ve had it in I later thought it was due to the effects of the pill, but “this time it’s different.” “And I repeat it. It usually happens that between orders, or messages, and finally that or ice cream arrives, Stillnox has helplessly dragged me to the bottom of my dreams, and it’s not that I don’t listen to you, but it That I don’t listen to you, and I don’t like the discomfort it causes when I wake up the next day, but I find that people at my age live more than what we don’t do especially those of us who think we are so intelligent, and so right-wing, and who only have problems that we ourselves enter. I know what I am, I know what’s out there. And the agony of the abyss. But still some nights escape me. It is impossible to be perfect but it is important that he finds you asleep when disaster strikes.

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