Salvador Moreno Peralta: Grinans and the Dinosaurs


Following the conviction of the Supreme Court of the Andalusian ERES, the most convincing reasons to prevent Jose Antonio Grinan from entering the prison are those that his family and friends have acted with reasonable affection, respect and discretion based on the history of his services . The status, his personal honour, his age and his sentence await a decade of judicial and media examination. But those who come from his bloated politics are like lead lifeguards. For now, the justification of punishment, as some members of the government have done, is a political deviation on the cusp of contempt. For their part, constitutional Javier Pérez Royo has acquitted former presidents, Chaves and Grinan, of crimes of prejudice and embezzlement, arguing that, individually, the government and presidents of autonomous communities can only be heroes of political acts. Huh. Nature. , not administrative.

And, since prejudice and embezzlement are of that nature, justification ends with the legal impossibility that former presidents have committed a crime. This is not a new argument in the history of political law: the violence of kings, the infallibility of the papacy and the appropriation of parliamentarians are carved into doctrines and constitutions with institutional logic, but also as absolutism or atheistic permanence of divine right. , But by taking Perez Royo’s reasons to the extreme, politics can establish the almost formal impossibility of committing a crime. Implicit here is that so dear to the satraps, the conviction, which denies public responsibility for their actions, is subject to a personal responsibility that answers only “before God and before history”, the courts of justice. ignores the tedious and plebeian process of

But the most devastating argument is that former presidents should be acquitted because “they haven’t taken the euro” in the ERES conspiracy. Thus, the existence of a crime is clearly acknowledged…. If you haven’t taken euros in your commission, that acquits you, irrelevant to claiming you don’t have a traffic fine. But it turns out that this crime – the plundering of the public exchequer to create a patronage network in the service of one party – is consistent with the structural distortion of our democracy, which needs to buy a will to rob the state for its functioning. perks instead of explaining them by force of reason.

It is a crime of a collective dimension and, therefore, not typified, as it is not possible to jail the entire system, so justice requires its specification in some of the crimes that are typified, such as embezzlement and prejudice. , who can put a face and shackles on them, and thus remain calm in a personal case of prison and accept the social gravity of an institutional robbery. The magnitude of this crime is measured by the damage done, which has nothing to do with the harmful bureaucratic overgrowth of our administration.

Spain is the OECD country with the most public and freely appointed positions, a rise and fall in those other impulsive and ERES newspapers that are elections. Our system’s plugs and layoffs represent an update of the bipartisanship of restoration, the essence of which, defined tirelessly by Galdos, is “grazing in the budget”. And so a parasitic public administration is slowly thickening with positions heavy and costly, but virtual and false, like the dinosaurs in the Spielberg film, whose presence is diminished by the need to engage in a complex machinery of government, “Gressing ” Compared to. A shameless party machine.

The social, political and economic damage of this systemic corruption is difficult to calculate, but it certainly far exceeds the fraud of the Andalusian ERES, and with one important difference: the Andalusian case was stopped, tried and sentenced. Went. But there is economic bleeding of the conservation network, which is happening right now, with day-to-day remission in all regions of our autonomous state, because it is not only valuable in wasteful wages, but also in cost. That the institutionalization of bribery for a country’s progress, substituting the efficiency of merit for subsidies of twisted shoes from pasta. Let us respect justice, for it is the last thing we have left. But we agree that the uneasy ghost of collective responsibility looms large in the aftermath of Grinan’s trial. And we are so afraid that when we wake up from the exorcism, there will still be dinosaurs.

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