Salaverry to the Oversight Commission: “Why do they summon Castillo if they already have a decision made?”


After it became known that the draft of the final report of the Oversight Commission of the Congress recommends constitutionally accusing the President of the Republic, peter castleyour personal advisor and former president of the Legislative, Daniel SalaverryHe affirmed that a summons to the head of state is unnecessary, since the legislators already have an advanced verdict.

“I can be suspicious of that report, even more so when the president of the Supervisory Commission (Héctor Ventura)days before, he already said that they had all the evidence. So, as his lawyer said, Why are they citing him if the commission has already made a decision?” declared for the program “Eighth commandment”.

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The former Popular Force parliamentarian supported the decision of Castillo Terrones not to receive the investigative commission despite the fact that he had promised to do so, since he considers that everyone must submit to justice, but this does not oblige the president to submit to “An investigation where due process, the right to defense and who is going to judge you has advanced an opinion and sentenced you before listening to you is not respected.”

Salaverry Villa described as “exaggerated” the decision of the Parliament to seek the censorship of the Minister of the Interior, dimitri senmachefor alleged political responsibility in the escape of the Former Transport Minister Juan Silva.

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“A minister who is just taking office, do you think that in 24 hours he will have absolute management and control of each police unit to be able to orchestrate protection in the way that he is being charged? (…) He seems to me not totally pulled by the hair, but the position of the Congress“, he claimed.

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