Russians don’t have tickets to escape Putin’s mobilization order: “They buy without checking where they’re going”


This Thursday, September 22, after the President RussiaVladimir PutinVladimir Putin, ordered partial mobilization to support a plan for the annexation of strategic regions in Ukraine; Thousands of Russian citizens approached the Eurasian country’s borders, leading to increased traffic at the crossing between Finland and Georgia, as well as a price hike of paragraphs.

Airline ticket prices exceeded $5,000, however, with most reservations for the next few days sold out, Reuters reported.

“War is terrible. It’s okay to be afraid of war, death and those things,” he said. Sergei, a Russian who recently arrived in Serbia, for a British agency. Both the Balkan nation and Turkey have become two potential destinations for civilians fleeing the war.

Similarly, the agency also consulted with a tourist company about the increase in the price of plane tickets to leave Russia. “It is a panic demand by those who are afraid that they will not be able to leave the country later. People are buying tickets, wherever they go,” the company said.

Putin threatens the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted “weapons of the future” to warn NATO that Russia has a nuclear arsenal that allows it to counter any Western threat.

“I want to remind you that our country also has different offensive systems and, in some components, they are more modern than NATO countries,” Putin said in a televised speech announcing a partial mobilization in Ukraine.

Over 1,300 people have been arrested in the protests following a mobilization order issued by Vladimir Putin. Photo: EFE

Recruiting Russians after mobilization order

About 10,000 men were enlisted in the ranks of the Russian military to be sent to Ukraine as part of the first day of partial mobilization announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, that country’s military reported on Thursday.

“On the first day of the partial mobilization, about 10,000 people voluntarily showed up at the military commissariats without waiting to receive their summons,” explained Vladimir Shimlinsky, spokesman for the Russian General Staff’s mobilization department, to the Interfax agency.

According to the presidential order, 300,000 people would be mobilized, although the free press reported the existence of a secret clause that would allow the military to call in a million people, which was quickly rejected by the Kremlin.

With information from EFE.

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