RTVE wins EBU/UER “Technology and Innovation Award”


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the main world coalition of public service media, called RTVE. is awarded 5G. for your progress in With the prestigious “Technology and Innovation Award”, with Identifies, promotes and supports the most outstanding technical solutions Developed by organizations that are part of the union.

With a candidature titled “RTVE – 5G and Beyond”, the corporation has been recognized for the many advancements and efforts made over the years in this field. Exploring Innovation and Opportunities for Media of this new generation of mobile networks, an advancement that provides greater bandwidth, lower latency, greater security and lower energy consumption and that, for both The European Union likes for him Spanish governmentEssential in the digital transition and technological investment.

RTVE. innovation in

At RTVE we use 5G and all its benefits Live telecast of pawn, Seeking new narratives and new opportunities,

From The world’s first “pure” 5G live broadcastin 2019, until the last great coverage that we’ve had in this 2022, like recently Reopening of the Territorial Center in Castilla-La Mancha Beginning last April, there have been many progress, milestones and lessons learned and shared that were derived from a few failures and many successes.

we already know and We are able to direct regularly for our traditional channels (linear) or digital and an entire infrastructure has been created for it; to use something as advanced as edge computing, having one or several small cells to have a “private 5G network” even in rural environments and not as connected as in urban areas; To integrate new 5G “backpacks” or devices that are very common in our lives in the workflow how are smartphones, To explore capabilities, so positive for media, network slicing; To work with specific APP for mobile phone and computer in traditional 5G network…

Too We usually work with Virtual Production Systems To mix remotely or locally (as needed) in the cloud. Thanks to them, the broadcast can be delivered simultaneously, live and in the appropriate formats, through all RTVE platforms: we send the signal to a decoder for Linear TV, via RTMP for video streaming on our website / YouTube and directly on various social networks. ,

We’ve integrated graphics, intercoms or pre-loaded video into the system as pieces, and in the latest broadcasts we’ve added live narrations of the event and interviews at various points in time with our reporters, among other things.

present and future prospects

5G, like other new technologies such as AI or “the cloud”, will define how we operate in media for years to come. At RTVE we have moved from theory to reality And we have seen what can be done and how we can use it to improve our activity.

We take advantage of it and make the most of it because of its potential and all the technologies and tools available to Get more and better coverage what can they be simpler, more agile and more durable,

By The versatility of being able to use a variety of devices and the cloud It is possible to mix and distribute remotely or locally and to adapt, scale and replace resources as needed. by power access different channels Linear and digital together and in their specific formats. By stay where things are, Being able to program live with all types of capture devices, with forecasts or in emergency situations such as breaking news, with 5G connectivity or any other type (4G, WiFI…). By use advance Such as network slicing, a huge benefit to media by ensuring network availability and service, even in congested areas… Execute 5G deployments, especially live, wherever possible and necessary. By Learn how to continue offering a public information service Even in the most difficult situations or when conventional systems have had some accidents, such as isolated and without batteries. By closed interval Being able to live in more places and give voice to more people and events. To work with the latest technologies and show society that we are state-of-the-art and innovative public companies, making 100% self-made projects a reality in which we know and can do new things.

We have traveled a short but profound path up to this recognition of the EBU, in which it has become necessary To become a worldwide technology leader, The joint work of various professionals and sectors of the corporation, including technical strategy, innovation, radio 3, news, San Cugat or Territorial Center, is noted in particular for Castilla-La Mancha, a benchmark and technical leadership of the corporation.

In this way, the work of multidisciplinary teams and The existing professional and technical competence in the regional centers and in the RTVE as a whole, which we are proud of. And there is still a long way to go at this point and we are ready to cooperate with other companies and public and private institutions because together… we can move forward.

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