RTVE receives prestigious Technology and Innovation Award from European Broadcasting Union


Radio Television Espaola in Castilla-La Mancha Corporation’s Technical Leading, Together with human teams made up of technicians, filmmakers, journalists and journalists, they have contributed to the development and experimentation of new projects that have won international awards.

The combined work of RTVE’s different areas: technical strategy, innovation, Radio 3 and the regional centre, with its own production projects and in collaboration with outside companies, has been key to being a worldwide technology leader in many award-winning initiatives. Thus, multidisciplinary teams and Professional and technical ability Present in regional centers and as a whole in RTVE.

RTVE Technological Innovation Projects

RTVE’s multidisciplinary teams, a successful joint effort

Among the awards received, RTVE is one of the companies honored in the VI edition of Dolby “Innovators 2022” Awardwho have recognized RTVE and Radio 3 for their continued commitment to innovation.

Dolby “Innovators 2022” Award

In particular, it has awarded the project in which radius 3 Counting the first in Spain with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, made an exclusive from the Prado Museum. It did so with the launch of the new album by María Arenal and Marcel Bages in a unique setting: “El Jardin de las Delicias” by El Bosco.

The project “Radio3 Accesses Hypersound” has also been awarded in the category of “Best Post-Production Project” by TM Broadcast magazine.


In its second edition, TM Broadcast Awards They have once again recognized the excellence of many RTVE projects, as well as those from other companies and corporations such as Telefónica or Mediapro. These awards recognize the value and innovation in the construction industry and the spread of multimedia content in Spain.

In the category of “Best 5G Project”, RTVE has won the project “5G, Cloud, Close the Circle Vertically”. An initiative within the framework of the Radio 3 concert at Casa Americas. As the genesis of re-transmission as a result of FM radio, it came here Live with multi-camera signals built into the cloud on RTVE’s various traditional and digital platforms, It was produced in vertical and horizontal formats with six audio and video outputs.

A hallmark of these projects is collaborations with other companies such as TVU, which provided “producers”, a virtual production system for broadcasting. Filmmakers, technicians and photo journalists from RTVE C-LM participated in this project with technical and human resources.

In the “Best Innovation Project” category, RTVE has been the winner with the project “The Application of IA and the Cloud for the Analysis of Content in the RTVE Collection”. This project includes: Automatic metadata of video files Documentary collection of RTVE through artificial intelligence applied to natural language processing and artificial vision. Audio and video information is extracted by transcribing and processing them, identifying and cataloging elements of the scene, even faces.

This project, in which RTVE C-LM has collaborated, allows a More efficient cataloging of RTVE’s extensive documentary collection, It has also received the second prize in the category of “Best Artificial Intelligence Implementation Project”.

For the second year in a row, RTVE XIV Call for . Was also a finalist in ASLAN Association Digital Transformation AwardsComposed of manufacturers, operators and cloud service providers committed to ICT innovation and cyber security.

With the candidature, “AI applied for the elections. Informative accuracy for the common good” This project has been recognized that uses Artificial Intelligence News writing about election results in real time, Based on the data provided by official information sources, this technology is able to interpret them and convert them into news related to election information. The objective of this innovative project is to establish RTVE as a leading public medium in the service of citizens.

RTVE C-LM has been the benchmark in new technologies for five years

RTVE C-LM has also been awarded C-LM Regional Environment Award 2022 In the category of “Telecommunications and Communication Technology”. An award that recognizes their public service work in raising awareness of environmental protection, using new technologies in their work and rewarding the 5G experiences of the RED.es project in Castilla-La Mancha.

The trajectory of this regional center has resulted in an award that has become a benchmark in the use of 5G, wireless cameras, drones, augmented reality, production in the cloud, three-dimensional holophonic sound or MOJO journalism.

C-LM Regional Environment Awards Ceremony

Technologies implemented in workflow since 2018, RTVE C-LM project launched digital transformation of news: “Journalism Innovation Hub” within the framework of the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival.

Among the pioneering milestones achieved around the world are the following: First direct with pure native 5G networkConnect Cortes de Castilla-La Mancha as Europe’s first autonomous parliament to have 5G small cell, first broadcast in edge computing or activate a small cell with integrated network controller and the possibility to do network slicing And in a rural environment too.

RTVE C-LM moves into the future of journalism. It has recently reopened its regional center in Toledo, Upgrade your entire technical infrastructure and adapting to the needs of journalism in the 21st century.

The inauguration has been marked by the telecast of special programs with 5G technology, mobile devices, production in the cloud as well as informational programs of international relevance such as the National Wine Fair (FENAVIN). For the month of July, RTVE C-LM is already producing a special program with these techniques at the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival.


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