Rosa Belmonte: Worm


The queen was wearing a skirt with holes in Tudela. The hole was at the knee and a little above. This is a design from the collection Toga Archives created for H&M. If you see a model of a firm with a skirt, it turns out that the hole is for the legs. The model wears very high boots and you can see less flesh than the queen. I think that, at some point, Donna Letizia realized that no matter what she did or what she said, no matter how well she did or said, that what interests her most is her clothes, He had a presence. And it looks like he took it very seriously, but he has to live with it. Back on the air at the premiere of ‘Aida’, a ‘wellness coach’ appears, calling her ‘Your Highness’, to say that the winged scapula is not elegant, that it is due to weakness in some muscle group. Is. , a living. But if you come out with a hole in your skirt, you know you’re going to rock. Heidi Klum is a woman who rings the bell once a year for Halloween. After this year’s worm costume, you’re better off running out of that passion, tradition, or whatever. A huge and disgusting worm. Worm dress enters the traditional universe of women’s clothing. In other words, you have to suffer for showing off. Christian Dior vs Coco Chanel, you know. or vice versa. Chanel said that Dior did not dress women, he defiled them. Heidi Klum is 49 years old and extremely hot. Therefore it can be a disgusting worm. Edu Galen spoke at Disney World yesterday about Mickey Mouse in his latest book, ‘The Moral Mask’ (debated). Of the man inside, “who works twenty hours like a dog and vomits inside the suit, as in ‘Succession'”. Heidi Klum wasn’t going to spend twenty hours inside the dress, but she recognized it was claustrophobic and didn’t know how she was going to go to the bathroom. The most ridiculous thing is that inside she was wearing a glittery bodysuit and stiletto heels (at least according to the ‘Vogue’ photos). But it is voluntary. You don’t need it to live. or if. And Rousseau has already said that freedom is the power to choose our own chains.


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