Rodolfo Hernández and the chaos in the League that he must fix before the regionals


The resignation of the former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez Alabama Senate of the Republic for an eventual aspiration to a regional position was sung. However, now she must solve the storm that his political party is experiencing, the Anti-Corruption Leaders League.

Since he accepted that dignity – to which he was entitled for being the second with the highest number of votes in the presidential elections -, political analysts predicted that his passage through Congress would be fleeting and that he had arrived there so that the movement for which he aspired to the Presidency had legal personality.

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It was also said that he would resign a couple of months later to aspire to the Government of Santander Oh good Mayor of Bucaramangaposition he already held.

So it was. This week Hernández announced that he would leave the Senate, arguing that in Congress he cannot “provide all my executive capacity to Colombians who demand real changes.” He even said “how would it feel Messi goalkeeper”.

In addition, he confirmed that he will aspire to the Government of Santander or to one of the mayors of his department. And everything was ready, because the National Electoral Council (CNE) granted legal status a few weeks ago to the League of Anticorruption Governors, its political movement, and now it will be able to give endorsements to candidates for mayors, councils, governorships and assemblies.

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However, before preparing what is to come in the face of the regional elections, whose campaign has already begun, although not officially, he must repair the crisis in his party, whose director is Relief Oliverosdirector of the League and wife of Hernández.

With her, he is also leading the community Rodolfo Jose Hernandez couple’s son. They are the owners of the party and this is evidenced in the statutes, which indicate that its creator, Rodolfo Hernández, will be able to disappear it whenever he wants.

The storm that this community is experiencing today was known when the Chamber Erika Sanchez and Juan Manuel Cortés were not recognized as party members when their legal status was recognized in early August.

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“The group that registered them is totally different from the one that registered the presidential formula that obtained (the) recognition of legal status,” Hernández explained about the decision.

Rodolfo Hernández in the installation of the Congress

And to this is added at the beginning of the month the resignation from the party of Oscar Jahir Hernández, who was campaign manager and one of his closest men.

At the time, Hernández told the media that the engineer was a little distanced from the party’s decisions, in part because of his obligations as a congressman.

This, in his view, meant that the Anti-Corruption Rulers League had taken another course. “He has left the decisions in the hands of people who recognize that they are not political, and they do not know about politics and the worst mistake is that they do not know how to communicate. There is no relationship with the people,” he explained to W Radio.

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In this sense, political analysts assure that his early resignation – he has a term until December 31 so as not to be disqualified in case of being elected to a public office – is explained because he must organize the party for the regional elections, which will be in October of the next year.

Hernández said on several occasions that his purpose is to take the League to various departments, but, without a doubt, one of the keys will be to win in Santander, which has been under the power of the Aguilar family in recent years, but it is politically beaten. for the capture of Ricardo Aguilarex-governor, for alleged corruption, as well as that Hugo Aguilar has recognized in the Truth Commission that he allied himself with paramilitary groups to govern.

But in the words of carlos arias, Political analyst and professor at the Externado, beyond organizing the party, must build it practically from scratch.

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Rodolfo Hernandez in Congress

Rodolfo Hernandez in Congress

“Basically, the fact that there is a political party on paper does not mean that it exists in reality. That happens to Rodolfo’s party, for there to be a party, its members must be given participation,” explained the academic

And he points out that it is not just organizing the bases and the statutes, in which he is basically the owner, he must also read the regional electoral political reality, both in Santander and in the rest of the country.

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“Despite the high favorability and high recognition that Rodolfo has today, above any other candidate for governor and mayor, I believe that a punishment vote can be seen, which has not been read by Rodolfo and his advisers,” he added. the teacher.

In fact, he points out that in cities where the opinion vote prevails, such as in Bucaramanga, it is not easy for him to leave office, for example.

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