RIU opens first Spanish hotel in the Metaverse





Hotel company RIU Hotels & Resorts is already in the metaverse. It is the first Spanish chain to launch in the virtual world and is based on its flagship, Hotel. does this with RIU Plaza Spain, An adventure that users will be able to undertake through the Microsoft platform, AltSpace. The project has also been developed with an undercover agency, a leader in the metaverse and experts with a long history in digital marketing.

The company highlights that with this movement they want to be a “leader” in exploring the alternatives offered by the Metaverse and have chosen the iconic Riu Plaza Espaa hotel at its premiere in the virtual world. and they assure that “there is no doubt” that
Metaverse is now an emerging tool with great potential
Which will be consolidated as the future of digital presence for brands and people.

« The Metaverse is an evolution of today’s Internet, Internet 3.0, with the distinction that it is something immersive and not just a showcase. It is also known that the great development and democratization of technology is yet to undergo the same growth and development as the world wide web and social networks. With this principle in mind, RIU has expanded its presence in the Metaverse to offer what today’s users will love most.”

Immersed in the experience, users will be able to tour different areas of the hotel, appreciate the details of the decor and heritage elements of spaces such as the lobby, or visit the roof terrace and feel dizzy as you step out of the glass. balcony and When crossing your suspended walkway higher than 100 meters, But you can play too. The hotel has elements that can be picked up, opened, clicked and wondered with which to interact. There’s also a hidden prize for the first visit,

“We are very proud to present this project and we are also sure that this is only the beginning. Technology and creativity will allow us to continue to design experiences, entertainment content, virtual events and many more ways to do business. We Not too far from being able to make reservations in the Metaverse via voice commands received by your virtual receptionist. The virtual Riu Plaza Espaa is a very valuable asset to the RIU brand, whose prospects are just beginning”, he commented Joan Troian RiuCorporate Director of RIU Hotels & Resorts.

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