Ricky Puig: Barcelona’s weak star


RIkey Puig was long touted to be the next big star of barcelonahas a famous youth academy, but when they arrived they failed to take their chances and have now fallen off the track, ending with a surprise summer move. LA Galaxy in MLS.

He doesn’t manage to stop playing time on a regular basis Ernest Valverdecoach who made him debut, neither with quick setiennor with Ronald Komen – With whom he had the most stormy relationship. xavi hernandez Then came the dugout, who played in his position and who was tipped to become the next version to Puig, but that never happened.

Puig made just 57 appearances with the first team spanning four seasons and only 14 of them as a starter.

Comfortably established as a full member of the first-team squad, he refused to continue playing for Barcelona B or go on loan to another team to gain experience.

His conformity or perhaps his stubbornness stalled his career, and the Catalan giants have shown no sign of the development expected of him over the past two seasons, especially in his physical and defensive performances, two areas where the midfielder has improved. There was a lot of scope.

“Ricci trains very well, he’s a professional. I feel bad for not giving him more minutes, but we have players of a very high standard,” Xavi said last season.

“There’s Pedri, Gavi, Nico, Frankie… It’s a shame, but he has fierce competition; that’s the main problem.”

Has Ricky Puig ruined his chance in the big leagues?

Now on the verge of turning 23, Ricky Puigo Has left Barcelona to move to MLS where the European giants usually go to end their careers.

Who knows if Ricky has given up for good, if he has decided to admit that he has missed his chance to succeed in the big leagues, or if he will return to Europe at some point?

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