Removal of resources from health insurance will leave 570,000 people destitute


Taking away resources from health insurance would have dire consequences for the lowest-income or most vulnerable people in the country. recent analysis of Center for Economic Studies Anifindicates that not providing the said insurance guarantees would leave another 570,000 people destitute and at least 770,000 Colombians in poverty.

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“Discussions about the health budget, especially insurance, are central to ensuring a progressive social policy. Not allocating the resources needed for the recognition of the UPC would be against the interest of all Colombians, especially the most vulnerable, Anif specifies in his analysis, after pointing out that “monetary poverty at the national level could increase by an additional 1.5 percentage points and poverty by 1.1 percentage points.”

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In this sense, the study center called upon the legislature to discuss 2023 National Budget “A detailed analysis of the needs of the health sector is carried out and the resources required are incorporated to finance insurance, the resources which, ultimately, are those that support the provision of medicines and the provision of medical procedures as well as the financing of talent human beings. are in health”.

The concern of Enif and some other regions is that, in discussion of the nation’s general budget for 2023, the government has stated that, in order to cover the health insurance needs of Colombians and residents in the country who need medical care (medicines). , procedures and supplies) need to add only 3.8 billion pesos to the health sector budget, without taking into account the 1.3 billion needed for the preventive and predictive program, which is much less than the 8.1 billion proposed by the previous administration . ,

“That’s a decrease of about 3 percentage points” for the next year, the study warns the center, that is, insurers will go from receiving an additional 4 billion to only covering the health care of an additional 2.1 billion patients under the subsidized regime, Where there are people in a position of vulnerability and poverty.

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