Reminder policy, by Toni Aira


You can’t show muscle if you don’t have it. And Junts, at least in the Government, has it. It is something agreed upon, also by its greatest detractors, that among the ministers boards there are those that contribute the most political and technical weight. The most critical will clarify that this is not saying much either. In any case, it is so, despite the fact that at this point nobody knows until when. This unknown that plans, very seriously, over their heads and those of their teams.

A look at LinkedIn, a professional and business-oriented social network, makes this clear. This week, in the curriculum that many Junts department workers have posted there, it was possible to detect quite a lot of updating and incorporation of merits and tasks. Getting ready to look for a job? More than one minister has been getting used to the idea for days, although he wants to trust in an outcome where ERC puts sanity and Junts reciprocates.

Since 2017, the independent movement, united, has not done or proposed almost anything

Hence, in large part, the sample of activity that in recent days has been carried out, with some impact initiatives, by Vice President Jordi Puigneró and Ministers Giró, Alsina, Argimon, Geis, Ciuró and Cervera. They consider that they have good departmental projects and want to provide them with continuity.

“I understand and I believe that the machine must be forced with a well-to-do Esquerra that does not comply with the agreements,” one of them confessed to me. And he concluded: “But the solution cannot be to give them the government, when they only have one more deputy than us and they will not know what to promote, or with whom, from our ministries.” It would seem that they have the people and the project, in the departments. But what about outside? And globally?

After a new (and resounding) victory for Jordi Turull in Junts, now with the renewal of internal groupings, many want to believe that, now clearly in control of the machine, he will set course and strategy. Also to compare them with ERC and to try to set a joint roadmap at the level of the Government and the independence movement. Here, the (everyone’s) project has long seemed non-existent.

The commemorations that are happening these days about what happened in Catalonia in 2017 are an example of to what extent, after that, the independentism, united, has not done or proposed almost anything else. Nothing worth remembering, claiming or really discussing, in a constructive key.

For five years the independence movement has basically been doing reminder politics. Which is limited to commemorating moments in which it acted as a unit and with a shared project and strategy. They would do it tactically or from the heart, believing in it or making it look like it, but they set the milestone of 1-O and that’s where they arrived. The day after has lasted too long. Whoever puts the prospect of improvement on it will have many more options to continue in the Government, giving it total meaning, and will be able to stand before the polls with minimal guarantees of success.

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