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United States Financial Markets

Author: Javier Serrano Rodriguez
Ticket: University of the Andes.

Undoubtedly, financial systems around the world have undergone significant changes and deep crises in recent years, which have led them to the present state, in which negative signs are beginning to appear about their future, partly or wholly in the past. After removing the financial crisis that happened in the last financial crisis. USA from the year 2008 or the one that originated in Europe from the year 2010.

The United States’ financial, monetary, and capital markets showed signs of overheating in early 2018, after overcoming the 2008 crisis, primarily originating in the mortgage market, prompting big concerns about their immediate future. Uncertainty arose. During the second half of 2018, two key stock market indicators broke their historical records, the year-end decline and the year 2019 began with great volatility and decline; The two most important stock market indicators, the DJIA and the S&P 500, reached their all-time highs of 26,824.8 points and 2,930.08 points on 10/3/2018 and 09/20/2018, respectively. However, as of 01/18/2019 they had fallen to 24,828.4 and 2,670.7, which is equivalent to a decline of -8.87% and -9.71% respectively, causing great uncertainty in the markets. This lesson considers the international issue of markets and was based on the United States as it is the largest market in the world. It is a project of the Academy, as it was tested by the author with postgraduate students and consists of eight chapters.

(Agenda Books: Ideas for Relations Between Colombia – USA)

During the journey through its pages, readers will be exposed to topics such as the structure of that country, the organization of monetary and capital markets. And its center lies with the movement of credit, with the entities that generate it. In the US, half the portfolio is mortgaged.

Giving way to fixed and variable income markets, which amount to US$53 billion along lines such as Treasury, mortgage and corporate. Market structures, competing entities and regulators are shown, as well as the world of derivatives and futures contracts, particularly financial futures. An interesting journey through the complex financial world.

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