Real Madrid Change Its Sponsorship From Audi To BMW!


b.Audi, a major sponsor from July 1, real madrid Since 2003, will no longer be affiliated with the White team. The contract, which is due to expire on June 30, will not be renewed by either side, after talks held by Madrid and the German brand’s leaders late last year failed to reach an economic deal. with new barnabu on the horizon, the White Club will increase its cache even more, and Audi It also plans to reduce its participation in football teams to focus primarily on Bayern Munich, AudiWhat was in the second tier of Madrid’s commercial agreements will no longer be a sponsor after 19 years.

However, whites would have one less sponsor as a result of Audi’s departure. according to the information received brandThe White Club has already found a replacement for Audi and made a deal with bmw, who would act as one of the team’s primary sponsors and be responsible for providing cars to first team players. The new sponsor will be revealed by Madrid next week.

based in munich bmw you also have small And Rolls-Royce and is the leading seller of high-end cars in Europe, leading Audi, Lexus and Mercedes, It is also a premium sponsor of Milan and has supplied cars to the Italian team’s footballers since last year, when the German brand decided to enter the world of football as Audi did at the beginning of this century. Now, with agreement real madridThis has taken another step forward, as it will have a dominant position at the club in 14 European Cups and the new Santiago Bernaboo.

audi, For example, it existed in addition to providing first-team players with cars on stadium benches as well as in other stadium areas and in Valdebebas. It also named some summer competitions where real madrid Participation was required by contract, but where, logically, there would be no representation for the upcoming season. There will be a similar agreement in terms of attendance at Real Madrid bmwFor which economic data has not been released yet.

Mobility and stability between the two giants

partnership between real madrid And bmw Beyond simple sponsorship it is organized around a center for collaborative work on sustainability. As per advice from sources brandit is a partnership or collaboration between real madrid And bmw, This resulted in the establishment of a Common Sustainability Center with a number of initiatives in various diversity and sustainability-related areas.

real madrid It has been increasing its revenue this way, and once the new stadium is ready in June 2023, it will grow rapidly. The club projects that approximately . will increase €300 million, largely as a result of stadium use throughout the year. ahead, bmw Inside the new stadium is going to play an important role.

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