Racism reaches Italian elections


Matteo Salvini, Silvio Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni are the strong contenders to win this Sunday. , EFE

The unexpected victory of right-wing parties in Sunday’s assembly elections, coupled with a very harsh discourse against immigration, could make life difficult for foreigners

A few plastic flowers, a sad electric candle and a small paper sign on which you can barely read her name, Alika reminds Ogorchuku of the place where she was killed. They are placed in a tree plantation opposite No. 40 Corso Umberto I, the main shopping street of Civitanova Marche, a small town in central Italy on the coast of the Adriatic. This is one of those quiet, clean cities that German and Austrian tourists visit in search of sunshine, beaches and the beauty of the Italian landscape. It also attracts immigrants who are trying to make a living like Alica, who was selling scarves and other trinkets on the afternoon of July 29, when she was just enough to run into Filippo Berlazo and his girlfriend, Elena. Was unlucky.

“Ciao, Bella,” said this Nigerian immigrant to the woman who is trying to give him some change. Barlazzo did not like this and responded by throwing himself at him. He tore the crutch that helped Alika walk after the accident and started beating her until she knocked him to the ground. Once stable, he kept on attacking her until she died of suffocation. Pedestrians passing Corso Umberto I at that time called the police, but they did not dare to separate the two men. However, there were many people who took out their mobile phones to record the attack. The video, reminiscent of the murder of George Floyd in the United States at the hands of a police officer, did not take long to reach the media, although the case was soon forgotten in the summer marked by the election campaign before the election. this Sunday.

Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi promise 5 years of stability in Italy

The elections predict a victory for the conservative bloc which includes the Fratelli d’Italia (FDI, Brothers of Italy) and the League, two parties that advocate a stronger hand against illegal immigration and which seek to end the landing of foreigners. Promises. Sicily Channel from North Africa. The statements of Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini on this issue, which sometimes borders on xenophobia, concern Fulvio Vasallo Paleologo, Professor of the Rights of Asylum at the University of Palermo. “If there is finally a new right-wing government, it will develop Italian-style sovereignty, with laws that would make human security and arrival at ports difficult, so that immigrants would be left in the central Mediterranean, to the north.” Will return. Africa. Or be condemned to covert exploitation”.

An anticipated rebound in migrant flows due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine and their eventual criminalization by a new executive Vaslo Paleologo fears there will be an “increased racism” in Italy. Racial hate crimes are no longer uncommon in Marche, the area where Alika was murdered and where a ‘skinhead’ injured six immigrants in 2018 in the town of Macerata. He explained that he began shooting at all blacks he found in anger over the death of a young Italian woman at the hands of a Nigerian.

Alika’s widow Charity poses with a picture of her husband. ,

D minor

When asked if her husband’s murder was motivated by racial hatred, Alika’s widow Charity doesn’t want to get wet. “It must be Filippo who says that if he did it because of racism or for some other reason,” he replies, referring to the offensive. “I’ve been in Italy for 20 years and I’ve always felt that people treated me well.” Sitting on the couch in a humble flat where the Ogorchukuv family lives in San Severino Marche, a town less than an hour’s drive from the Civitanova Marche, the woman calls for justice and says with a broken voice that her husband’s murder has killed her. Has left him “a heavy weight”. “On the heart.

«They have killed Alika for nothing. I can’t get it out of my head. I can’t sleep when I close my eyes and I think about him all the time,” says Charity tearfully. “My son can’t even sleep. He is 8 years old. He always asks me where is his father. I can’t accept that Filippo spends a few years in prison and then drops out. He has to pay for what he has done.”

“Nobody Helped Him”

Alika’s widow cannot explain why no one intervened to stop the attack, even though it happened in broad daylight on a busy street. «No one helped him, but people took mobiles to record everything, as if it were a wrestling exhibition. If someone had acted, my husband would still be alive today,” she laments looking at their wedding photos. Francesco Mantella, the lawyer for the Ogorchukwu family, explains that the attacker has alleged that she suffers from mental problems, which For this he has undergone a psychiatric examination, the results of which are not yet known.

“The motivation for his gesture, clear and furious to the end, is not understood: four minutes of aggression that was intended to end his life. There was no provocation,” says Mantella, who hopes to gain psychological expertise and Through the process it would be known whether there was a racist motivation. “It’s something that can’t be ruled out.”

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