Quo Vadis, Elon Musk: Why Twitter’s Downfall Isn’t Funny


I was going to chastise them this week with the infinite merits of the Digital Services Act (Digital Services Act or DSA in English) and the Digital Market Regulation (Digital Market Act, or DMA), a like-minded forum with the European legal arsenal. Which Commissioner Thierry Breton intends to cover audits of large technology companies under the sole supervision of the European Commission, without any hassle. Three and a half hundred pages, between whistles and flutes, is incomprehensible to those who are not attentive to its processing. Joy, in short, for lawyers who intend to stay away from it all and work hard for teams compliance which they have to follow. But with all the buzz Twitter has caused in recent weeks, who can focus on the importance and depth? So I confess: I don’t. is not made of a stone and when she sees that her only guilty pleasure could fall at any moment, she loses a little post-pandemic concentration and falls off a cliff in her intoxicating pursuit of the “last Elon”. falls down Last Friday I handed it to my TL to say goodbye, like drunks who sit on the sidewalk in the throes of friendship because they don’t know if this will be the last time they’re going to love that turra so much , But on the other hand, he has kept silence since 2019. We exchanged phone calls singing “The End of Summer” for DMs, with promises to see each other again on Mastodon, the federated social network that has seen its users desperate to reach seven million souls. Stay in touch with the declared collapse.

Anyone who isn’t a tweeter won’t understand so much kitch or catastrophism, but chances are, by the time you read this forum, Musk has had a few other incidents that have taught TW the good, the bad, and the healthy. kept out of perspective. The income statements are exceptionally high; that, despite nuisance of those who encourage South Africa with their antics Technology can not stand and is installed in black Without anyone who has the necessary knowledge to fix it. For now, two-factor verification comes and goes, and intellectual property control systems work in the same way. There are already kind tweeters who are posting entire movies in one thread at two minutes of footage per tweet.

And it is that, as any passive-aggressive mom would say, we’ve been through a lot with this guy in recent weeks. let’s recap. It all started as a Venezuelan soap opera or as an afternoon movie in which a regular music player’s mouth warms up and he sings the ordago without the cards in the hope that no one wants it. But Twitter shareholders, to the top of his head, love him. The deal is a deal and the network bears too much responsibility so Musk is forced to buy and then walk away with an excuse that hasn’t been successful in court. So, it is a damage control operation. Simply put, not complying would have been more costly.

He took over at Blue Bird’s headquarters by appearing with a sink and then fired half the staff and 80% of the suppliers with a clear ideological bias, leaving the company vulnerable against regulators, emptying the regulatory compliance and restraint department. done. US Democrats have already sent him a message via the FTC and the EU Competition Commissioner, reminding him of the regulatory commitments that weigh on the entity and the consequences for failing to comply. Without a clear business plan, it has started hopping around like a cow without a bell. First, the production of a verification system, Twitter Blue, which allowed anyone to open a verified account by paying only $8. Several companies, drug company Lilly and Tesla itself, have seen activists take control of verified accounts in their names and drive down their stock price with a single tweet. Then, a universal payer, to continue to propose that the network becomes a digital Swiss army knife that serves to pay, identify, and officiate all at once. Meanwhile, he fired nearly his entire staff when he asked for the blood, sweat, and tears and reinstatement of Trump’s account following a tweet poll that Indra and his election management system wanted for themselves. And since there are no adults in the room, extremists campaign for their respect in a full exercise of digital bullying. At least, in his defence, it should be said that he is dismantling the HTs with whom child pornography material was traded.

The downfall of Twitter is not some people’s entertainment. This is the fall of the universal press room, of teletypes in pants pockets, of the digital public square built on a private company’s server. Because of its ubiquity, adoption by nearly 250 million users over the past 16 years, and its status as a de facto public archive, Twitter is the new Library of Congress. We have never seen anything like it and if we learn, we will never see it again.

The solution is not to create a public hulk as Inigo Errejón suggests or to raise this certified madman to the altars. I wonder, from the praise I’ve been reading about his behavior, if there’s a name for the syndrome a part of our society seems to suffer from that violates the rules of good business in spite of what this nice guy does. considers him a genius. Good treatment with management and workers. There is a belief that if you have won that much money then it is impossible for you to be a fool. Dishonest, heir, you can, but not a fool. What he does is either right or, being Regulachi, surely it is part of a secret plan that will be revealed to us when it is completed. And if it doesn’t get done, of course it’s the fault of the awakening culture, of the lazy people who don’t want to work, the Democrats with their rules, the Europeans with their rules or sursumcorda, But never from a rich white man, even though what we are seeing is one of many psychopathic leaders. Musk has isolated himself in the Big Brother house on Twitter and is broadcasting it live for us.

Waiting for this seamless plan to take shape, those who lent him money for the adventure are selling their credits at a loss, notably 40%, while ratings agency Moody’s downgrades the company’s standing. Twitter has withdrawn its rating due to lack of information. , This business is so toxic that banks prefer to give it up, take losses, which are not trivial, than keep it.

vox populi, vox dei, While returning the account to Trump, Musk taunted us. I asked him, how are you going, Elon.

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