«Putin is a pilot who falls even with a powerful bomb in his hands»


Serhii Pohoreltsev poses after the interview. , Maika Salguero

Facing the fallout of the invasion, Kyiv fears that Russia will attack excessively, especially on the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Spain, Serhi Pohoraltsev, was shocked by the announcement that Vladimir Putin was mobilizing 300,000 troops to prevent the total failure of his country’s invasion of Guernica this Wednesday. Faced with pictures of the devastation caused by the Nazi bombings, with an irony that Putin accused Volodymyr Zelensky’s government of having a similar ideology to Hitler, he was confident in the Ukrainian armed forces’ ability to repel the attack and recover. was. lost area. “Not only since the invasion that began on February 24, but since the invasion that began in 2014,” he says in reference to the annexation of Crimea during an interview with EL CORREO.

The diplomat acknowledged that it would not be easy to end a war that “can only end with the victory of Ukraine”, and less so to remove Russian troops from areas where a large part of the population lived under Moscow rule. Likes, as in Donbass. Regarding the self-determination referendums due next weekend, he is clear: “They are illegal, they have no meaning, and no civilized country will recognize their result.” For all these reasons, Pohoraltsev appreciates the support that Spain is giving him in the form of the political sphere and weapons. And from Guernica he takes the idea for the next stage of the war: Reconstruction.

– What do you assess of the mobilization announced by Putin?

– First of all, this movement reflects the weakness of the Russian Armed Forces and the Putin regime in the face of the will of our military to defend the country and recover the occupied territories. Second, the decision shows that Putin wants to continue the war, and, although he has always said that he is willing to negotiate for peace, he has no intention of ending the invasion. Conversely, it would continue to bomb civilian targets to intimidate and kill civilians.

– What is the situation on the ground?

– It’s difficult. Although we are slowly gaining ground and have gained control of 400 cities, we will need more arms and support from all our allies. Especially when it comes to heavy weapons. But, despite all the difficulties, our armed forces are having heroic success in this counter-attack, in which nine Russian soldiers are killed for every Ukrainian killed.

– Do you think that this mobilization is a movement that will turn against Putin because of the resistance among the Russian population?

– I hope so. Unfortunately, President Putin still enjoys significant support among his population. But there are more and more people, even in the Russian army itself, who no longer want to continue the war, who show a desire to end it so as not to participate in it. Even the Russian oligarchs who are part of Putin’s inner circle see that they are losing money and their image getting tarnished, because the civilized world has isolated them. So the decision to mobilize troops is not going to be a positive one for Putin. However, he has already shown that he rules without morality or common sense.

– Is Putin surprised by the speed at which Ukraine has progressed in the Kharkov region?

– Putin did not think that he was going to meet the resistance he was seeing. Perhaps he was misinformed by his generals. Starting the war was already crazy, and his plan is failing. Putin has no political future. As someone told me, he is a pilot who falls but still has powerful bombs in his hands.

Beginning of the End

– Do you think you can take some extreme action against Ukraine?

– There is danger. Russian troops remain at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, continue to bombard the area, and turn the plant into the center of Putin’s nuclear blackmail. For this reason it should be clearly stated that if something serious happens, they will have a proportionate response.

– Are you worried that the energy crisis in Europe could reduce the support that Ukraine receives?

– The war in Ukraine continues and it is necessary to maintain public attention. There are many factors influencing the decision to supply arms, which is the most relevant issue, and it is true that economic conditions do have an effect. But our allies have to understand that we are not only fighting for our territories, but that we are on the front lines of the confrontation between a democratic world and tyranny.

– How long do you think the struggle will last?

– No one knows how long this will last, but I think we are at the beginning of the end.

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