Puigdemont denounces having been attacked in Vienna


Updated: 09.23.2022 20:22 h.

The ex-president of the Generalitat escaped, Carles Puigdemonthas denounced this Friday to have been assaulted by a man while he was at the airport in Vienna, Austria, before taking a flight back to Belgium after giving a lecture on the process Catalan secessionist at the Central European University.

Puigdemont, who is MEP by JxCat and has lived in Waterloo since he escaped from justice at the end of October 2017, he explained on his Twitter profile that his trip to Austria has been “beneficial” and that it has been “very well received”. “I guess this bothers certain characters. Those who didn’t want the university to take me in, for example. And when guy who hit me on the back at the airport yelling ‘Go to jail!’ and he ran away without having the courage to show his face”, he said.

Puigdemont, denouncing on Twitter having been attacked in Vienna

Point to the Spanish institutions

An hour after revealing the incident with this brief explanation, the convergent former president has used this same social network to relate the alleged aggression to Spanish institutions, with the following comment: “Neither the King nor the Spanish Government have revoked the ‘Go for them!’ they ordered five years ago. This is where the impunity they exhibit is born. The dozens of complaints that I have filed for death threats never prosper, because it is already known that Spanish justice treats everyone the same, “he said.

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