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Mercy Festival This year they went back to normal; It is even more true that they will be affected by weather forecasts that have forced the postponement of events from the very first minute. They are completely conditioned by the pandemic two years later, to the point that in 2020 a decentralized pyromusical show was used throughout Barcelona, ​​contemplated by residents from the roofs of their homes. The exact opposite of what a festival should be, and at the same time it is a demonstration that the city can beat in unison even under those circumstances. Although it wasn’t the toughest year, as the man responsible for organizing the Mercy over the years remembers, rose machoHolidays in 2017 were even more difficult, in a state of mourning for the attacks in August and restless anticipation for what was to happen in October. Pyromusical returns to Montjuc this year, ‘Correfolk’ moves to the Passeig de Grcia only because of the work (in what could be a pleasant experiment) and the center’s normal spaces are re-occupied, if the rain city and town permit. Decentralizes which party should expand to other neighborhoods and avoid collapses that sometimes border on public risk. pre election outlook Perhaps this will raise the tone of any controversy that may arise during this long holiday weekend for the people of Barcelona. But hardly a major role these days (for once, perhaps last until next spring) will have tremendous public discourse on the state of the city. Nor one who proclaims ideal urban revolutions, ideal and above any criticism, what management is, right or wrong, innovative or wrapped in routine rhetoric, open to participation or one-sided. Nor is the daily apocalypse that erupts without discriminating between the normal problems of any major city and the errors of its own model and that is capable of elevating anecdotes to the level of disaster such as taking old problems for granted. , or refusal to accept reasons worthy of recognition or civic pride.

We’ll have a few months to see if, in the face of these convoluted discourses, it’s possible An open debate on where the city is going and where it should go, These are the days to meet him again, to enjoy him and if possible to be like him for once. Although not because we are experiencing a reclaimed festival these days (indeed, as we know it today, four decades ago) we should stop reflecting on this established model to the point of becoming a tradition. There have been successes and improvements over the years (for some days the whole city returns to feel the historic center as its own, while it is necessary to explore other landscapes), but there are also shortcomings that make up the festive traditions of other capitals. Jealous Inaugural speech by filmmaker Carla Simone, full of affirmation of the city’s cultural vitality and welcoming potential, would it not have had its natural location on the balcony of the Plaça de Sant Jaume and not in the institutional intimacy of the Salo de Sant? The fear of noise, boycott or protest (more than some background viewing) where it hurts most should not limit what should be a popular act and with voices that are able to move from halls to squares Huh. Until that happens, La Mercy (and Barcelona) will be lacking something.

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