Public Health endorses fourth dose against COVID for people over 60


This Thursday the Public Health Commission has agreed Recommend vaccination with a second booster dose against COVID-19 60. For all people over the age ofas well as for children under this age who present a health risk condition, and support that it should be administered with an antidote against the flu.

Thus, this week after the fourth dose is approved—or the second booster— For citizens aged 80 years or moreAs well as for inmates in nursing homes and other disability centers, the Public Health Commission has decided to recommend it for people in their sixties, septuagenarians, and young people with certain health complications.

It is recommended that vaccination against Kovid-19 Should be used in conjunction with flu serum “provided that both vaccines are available” and also clarifies that these vaccines may be administered in conjunction with others such as preparations against pneumococcus “on a feasibility basis”.

The second reinforcement vaccination will start across Spain on MondayAlready optimized for the Omicron variant against COVID-19 for the proposed groups, although there is no date for it to start immunizing citizens between the ages of 60 and 79.

Some communities, such as Galicia, the Basque Country, Extremadura or Catalonia, have already announced that they will vaccinate both sera together.

In addition, boosters against Covid-19 for staff in public health health centres, services and establishments, both primary and hospital care and for “patients and those working in health emergency services in contact with nursing homes or disability care.” Recommends dosage. Staff”.

Citizens below 60 years of age are urged to get vaccinated against Sars_cov_2 and its variants if they have not done so. And who crippled their process to meet the guidelines recommended by health agencies.

Health Minister this week, Carolina DariusSpecified that Spain is facing a new vaccination campaign against COVID-19 44 million doses that will come during the last four months16 million will be received especially in this month of September.

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Darias explained that vaccination will begin on the same day with people over 80 years of age and those living in homes across the country, and will continue with health centers staff and the population, who for various reasons could not complete their Huh. Vaccination schedule.

He announced that vaccination would be open to sexagenarians and septuagenarians and also to certain youth groups, although he clarified that the decision would be announced by the Public Health Commission.

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