pTron Force X11 review: A sensible sub-Rs 3,000 smartwatch


The sheer number of smartwatch players in the Indian market is overwhelming. The budget category where many good value watches are usually priced below Rs 3000. The last budget smartwatch we have to review is the pTron Force X11, a rectangular watch that offers a good mix of features and affordability.

I tested the watch for over a week and here is my full review of the smartwatch.

pTron Force X11: What is good?

The pTron Force X11 has a relatively simple design with the same rectangular dial and standard silicone straps that are now very common in this segment. The design is functional and also comfortable on the wrist for long days. But there is no premium touch or standout element here.

The watch features a nice 1.7-inch TFT screen. It’s not an AMOLED at this price, but it gets the job done. The side bezels aren’t too big to take away from the experience, but the chin is slightly larger.

The pTron Force X11 display may have issues in direct sunlight, especially with darker watch faces. (Image source: The Indian Express/Chetan Nayak)

The watch UI is amazingly smooth to navigate with a completely stutter-free experience. It has a side-by-side layout of the widgets and two styles of the main menu, including the Apple Honeycomb watch style.

The watch’s sensors are usually accurate, but to get the most accurate readings possible, you may need to tighten the strap a bit, especially when tracking heart rate and blood oxygen. The step counter was not very accurate and the readings were often off by 10-20 steps for every 100-150 steps.

Fitness tracking features are somewhat basic and while it has modes for walking, running, skipping, cycling, badminton, soccer, basketball and swimming, there are other watches that offer much more dedicated sports modes. There are also some other features in the Force X11 that are commonly found elsewhere, like music control and camera shutter, and they work well.

pTron Force X11, pTron Force X11 review, pTron Force X11 smartwatch, smartwatch review, The pTron Force X11 is packed with features. (Image source: the indian express/Chetan Nayak)

The Bluetooth calling feature works very well. You can hear the other party clearly on the microphone. People I spoke to using the smartwatch also noted good microphone reception. The calls app on the watch offers a built-in dialer, while also allowing you to save some frequent contacts that you can dial directly from the watch. This is useful and eliminates the need to take out your phone to quickly communicate with someone when your hands are not free or when your phone is, for example, in a bag.

The watch connects to the DaFit app, which features a neat user interface and easy navigation. The app gives you all the watch features in a neat way without feeling too overwhelming and the selection of watch faces is nice too.

pTron Force X11, pTron Force X11 review, pTron Force X11 smartwatch, smartwatch review, The watch connects to the DaFit app, which features a neat user interface and easy navigation. (Express Photo)

The watch’s battery life is as advertised and, depending on usage, can last between three and seven days on a single charge. Please note that an important factor in battery life will be determined by the amount of use of the Bluetooth calling feature.

pTron Force X11: What’s not good?

The watch has no deal-breaking drawbacks at this price, and it offers the budget experience you pay for. Tracking and sensors could be more precise for fitness enthusiasts and the overall design language could have had a bit more flair given that many brands have now copied the simple ‘rectangular dial with crown’ formula.

Fortunately though, the straps are replaceable and you should be able to easily add your own straps to this dial.

Verdict: Should You Get the pTron Force X11?

The pTron Force X11 presents the complete package for its starting price of Rs 2799. Although it doesn’t get any medals for its accuracy or looks, it gets the job done and is a reliable budget smartwatch with good battery life and a easy to use companion app. This is an option worth considering if you are looking for an affordable rectangular smartwatch with Bluetooth calling under Rs 3,000.


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