Prosecutors investigate former Digimin and current head of counterintelligence for the Harvey Kolchado case


Public Ministry started investigation against Whitman Rios AdrianzenFormer head of Digimin and Luis Sanchez LiraThe current head of counterintelligence, for alleged abuse of authority, after being removed Harvey Kolchado what Head of the Search Division of the Directorate of General Intelligence,

The prosecutor’s office’s initiative comes after a complaint filed by prosecutor Marita Barreto, head of the Special Team Against Corruption of Power, who offered a brief account of alleged crimes committed by the PNP’s high command in Colchado’s disappointed dismissal.

According to information received by this media, the investigation of prosecutor Einstein Damsen Jauregui also includes PNP commander Mario Hidalgo Yen, who was appointed by Ríos Adrianzen and Sánchez Lira to occupy the post of head of Digimin after Colchado’s short-lived expulsion. . Search Division.

prosecutor begins proceedings

The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the alleged offense of abuse of authority. Photo: Republic

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