Prosecutor seeks 26 years for man who killed his wife and hid dead body


the prosecution asks 26 years For JRPA, a man wife murder chargewho was 25 and reportedly pregnant, in July 2018 Granolers (Barcelona) and hide his body in a nearby collectorate located near the Congost River.

In the trial, which began this Friday with the constitution of the popular jury in a Barcelona court, the prosecutor asked for 24 years for the defendant for the crime of murder and two more years for habitual misconduct.

The prosecutor also asked for a five-year supervised release and imposition of restraints from her pre-existing minor son, the victim’s mother and siblings for a period of 14 years, and to pay the total amount. 523,850 Euro for civil liability.

physical and psychological attacks

The prosecution’s indictment alleges that the JRPA, who was married to the victim since 2017, subjected his wife to “a dynamic woman”. Control, manipulation and isolation from your environmentwith a sense of superiority and contempt for her status as a woman”, accompanied by frequent physical and psychological attacks.

The victim told some people that she was pregnant Went to a medical center after taking a pregnancy test and undergoing a gynecological exam, although a medical test to confirm the diagnosis was not performed during the visit, prosecutors explain.


According to the indictment of the Ministry of Public, in Night of 16 to 17 July 2018 An argument broke out between the victim and the accused in the room where they lived together, due to which both the alleged offender and his wife left the house.

The Ministry of Public Affairs states that, after a few hours of discussion, and maintaining various telephone communications, the accused met with the victim near the promenade of the Granollers River, where JRPA allegedly attacked him,

hide the corpse

The defendant, the Public Ministry continues, hid the victim’s body in a nearby collectorate on the banks of the Congost River to avoid being discovered, whose body was found in a decomposed state in September of the same year.

,The victim had no opportunity to defend himself. Effective because he could not foresee a fatal attack by a person with whom he had a romantic relationship and stable coexistence, nor did he have the capacity and conditions to repel it,” the prosecutor’s brief archive.

The Public Ministry in its indictment also highlighted that the victim had “less physical strength” than the accused and was alone, in a secluded place, at the time of the chance of getting help of third parties”.

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