Prosecutor appeals for acquittal of Sandro Rossel for tax fraud


The prosecutor’s office filed an appeal against the decision that On Thursday he acquitted the former FC Barcelona president sandro roselleFollowing his trial for alleged fraud of €230,296 to the Treasury in a 2012 announcement.

Sources in the prosecutor’s office explained to Europa Press this Friday that the prosecutor has appealed for an acquittal “due to disagreement with the motivation of the sentence”. On Thursday, Barcelona’s Criminal Court 3 acquitted Rossel of alleged fraud against the Treasury, for which the prosecutor’s office asked him to sentence him to two years and nine months in prison.

sole proprietorship

The prosecutor’s office placed Rossel on a . accused of using Sole Proprietorship, TOCInvoicing personal activities is considered an excuse to work through a company and not in a personal capacity to obtain more favorable taxation.

However, in sentencing, the judge affirmed the “uncertainty” about the limits of using this figure given the continuing changes in the regulation of taxes, and also considers that the business activity invoiced by Rossell has an actual use of the TOC. There was intervention, which was mainly counseling and advisory.


Thus, the judge ruled that Rossel used the company to evade paying taxes and sees “zero criminal relevance” in the rest of the actions attributed to him by the prosecutor’s office as he would have responded with an amount less than €120,000. are, the extent of tax offence.

In this sense, he considers “a mere discrepancy with the administration as a taxation, without criminal significance” that Rossel declared certain activities through the IRPF, not corporation tax, and vice versa.

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