Prompt resolution of shortage of personnel to attend emergency in medical center is urgently required


Concerns at the medical center in Rio Piedras about the lack of adequate personnel to attend to emergencies and the need for surgery continue and increase when large-scale incidents occur.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) there was only one surgical technician on duty and tonight (today Thursday) there will be one, despite the fact that there is a concert and the risk of accidents and fights increases”Commented by a technician who asked not to be identified.

The situation, in fact, affects all services of the medical centre, including the trauma hospital, assured its director, Dr. Pablo Rodriguez,

“All services are affected, trauma services are no exception. When there are few technicians, it affects me too because the operating room is compromised, the flow continues. It means less room (working)”Held.

Rodriguez warned that the shortage is not only for surgical technicians, but also for nursing staff. Respiratory medicine, pharmacy and orthopedic technicians, among other health experts, are also in short supply, the newspaper learned.

“Sometimes you have to wait an hour or two to remove the patient after the operation because there is no technician,” said the surgical technician.

For his part, Rodriguez pointed out that, although trauma hospital emergencies are attended to due to a lack of personnel, at times he has to attend “case after case” rather than multiple cases at once.

“The ASEM (Medical Services Administration) administration cannot join the public in saying this is a world problem, because it does not work as a treatment for patients… it was visionary. Now they will take action” , the surgeon expressed regret.

He said that in private hospitals, when they have personnel problems or other resources, they refer patients to the main hospital medical center of the country for supertertiary services.

“Unlike the private (sector) who send us patients when they don’t have quota or have complicated cases, we can’t deny them and we are here to receive them because we are the only and last option ,” They said. Told.

“People don’t choose when to be shot, killed by someone running a red light, killed by someone who is drunk or speeding. There are situations that are not taken care of personally and We have to take care of them. And to work in case of emergency, we need technicians and nurses to be present in most of the rooms,” he said.

He warned that a shortage of surgical technicians could also affect training programs, as it undermines residents’ experience.

The surgeon stressed that in summer and winter when more cases come to the medical center, it is important to find an immediate solution.

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