Professor had sex with a student, got arrested and married her after being released from jail


A strange case has come to light at a high school in Alabama in the United StatesWhere recently local news once again talked about an incident involving a teacher and his student who after bringing a case to court they decided to get married The man was charged regardless of the charges.

according to Limestone County Sheriff’s OfficeA former high school teacher and coach has resigned after being arrested for having sex with a student whom he initially victimized and is currently married to, according to legal documents.

Prima facie, after making the facts known to the authorities, the accused named Thomas Black Tucker, 25 He obtained a restraining order against the 19-year-old girl, and was later released after paying a $30,000 fine, however, some time later the men apparently continued a relationship and later legally separated their lives. decided to join.

Eastern Limestone High School | Photo: Facebook

For which, reportedly, the court asked to lift the ban that prevented him from watching after showing the student Marriage certificate Which indicated that the couple had married last November 6.


Tucker was a teacher East Limestone Secondary School in northern Alabama when he was arrested Sept. 17 on charges that he was a school employee who participated Sexual act with a student under 19 years of ageBut he was released on the condition that he had no contact with the victim.

The Limestone County School Board accepted Tucker’s resignation a month later but apparently continued contact between Tucker and the student, Now, the court will evaluate his plea in a hearing on December 6. It should be noted that this is the second case of sex allegations to occur in the district, since last August, Jason Roger Emerson, an instructor at Limestone County School of Technology, was charged with a sex offense for groping a 17-year-old girl. . student.

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