‘Process’: Is It All Worth It?, by Santi Terraza


Ten years is a sufficient time gap to establish a balance sheet Which allows the scope of a project to be measured on objective data. And that’s also enough distance to fix the light on you Origin, Cause and Consequence, Without a doubt, this is an opportune moment to balance everything and consider not only the proper strategy, but also the extent to which it is worth it.

In the last five years, after the fall of False Declaration of the Constitution of a Catalan Republicswung in the midst of the freedom movement gradualist and hyperventilated, In some cases (in ERC and JUNTS) roles have been exchanged That its leaders defended to continue attacking each other until 2017, now without any propaganda: those previously pragmatic, now purists, and vice versa. Some came to the conclusion that the speed they wanted to print was not guaranteed if it was not provided with more support. Others held that, given the legal-political response by the Spanish state, there is no middle ground if the initial objective is to be sustained.

But, beyond the analysis of strategies that claim to defend one and the other – and beyond their respective justifications to argue that both have produced opposite results – the question that is missing in the independence movement is : What have you got from all this? And is it really worth it?

Starting from the premise that the second question accepts a series of subjective assessments and, therefore, subject to the related positions and the extremism – often blind – that accompany them, the first can only be measured on the basis of concrete results. . This is not an assessment, but a release of facts and data, Perhaps for this reason it is completely absent from debate and analysis in the pro-pluralist region.

When, ten years ago, the leaders of Convergència and Esquerra opted to double down and began selling their people a short- and medium-term future they knew perfectly well, in their respective notebooks. were involved alternative resultthey all more probabilistic Compared to deterministic attack he declared. since improve the financial gap Until the discovery of the Generalitat New forms of unification of Catalonia in the state, which passed through the high quota of self-government. They were options that no leader publicly announced so as not to be branded as weak on a large scale, day in and day out, with the idyllic scenario that we were going to make Mediterranean Denmark. But all these intermediate options, even if they were not visible, were on the table like a halfway station. In fact, as the only possible destination.

It is not necessary to resort to many statistics or balancing programs to compare where Catalonia’s self-government and financing was in 2012 and where it is now. That is, the same In all this time of ‘process’ and ‘post-process’, The Generalitat has not won even the slightest share of self-government.not reduced staggering fiscal deficit who is suffering and it is not even possible to heal Lack of public investment in infrastructure, which the entire Catalan society – regardless of the insurgency – claims simultaneously from the central government. Catalonia’s degree of autonomy remains the same as it was in 2012, despite all the strength, commitment and energy devoted to changing this situation.

A first reading of this paralysis would make it possible to point to a lack of will on the part of the political power of the state, if not changing, then modifying this correlation. This is true and it is nothing new. Since the extension of the 1979 statute, no reform of Catalonia’s self-government and the funding of the Generalitat have been the result of complex negotiations, the result of coalitions or parliamentary needs. from Madrid’ they never gave anything for nothing,

But without coldly analyzing your offer, blaming your needs on the other side and if you’re actually in a position to raise it, then in addition to over-hunting, decision-making and balancing the consequences with all the guarantees may be insufficient. And that’s what happened with the freedom movement, which since its defeat in 2017. He has limited himself to discussing what failed in his strategy, but refrained from doing a global analysis of the entire campaign.,

And this objective analysis will leave the box of achievements and progress made in the last ten years empty. Despite all the energy invested in the ‘process’, not a single transfer or economic injection has been achieved to reduce the fiscal deficit. “all or nothing” a . has been translated into Sharp paralysis in the progress and socioeconomic development of the country, which is even more worrying given how significant progress has been made by other regions, which, moreover, have robbed Catalonia of leadership positions in many areas. They wanted everything and they had nothing left.

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And we’re not talking about generate tension, division, deception and frustration, The latter is still subjective…

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