Prior consultation of Antapacay-Tintaya Expansion-Corocohuayco integration mining project will be resumed


Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) and Espinar, the 11 native communities of Cusco Province, reached a consensus to resume the implementation of the earlier consultation plan of the Antapace-Expansion Tintaya-Integration Corocohuayco Mining Exploitation Project starting next 4 October, With which the atmosphere of peace returned in the mining corridor

This and other agreements came after a nearly 10-hour long meeting between representatives of the executive power and the communities of Cala Cala, Huisa, Huancan Bajo, Suerro y Cama, Alto Huancane, Huarca, Huisa Cocolana, Alto Huarca, Huano Huano. And Anta Kokolana.

Among the agreements, it has been established that Minum will resume the pre-consultation process plan within the framework of signing the Eighth Appendix After approving the said plan and a schedule of meetings that includes four lines of work: Education, Sectors (Property, Environment and Water) and Sustainable Development. These will be developed in the meetings to be held in October.

Another agreement was reached with Espinar’s 11 native communities, which refers to the repair plan. It will be implemented within the framework of Ministerial Resolution 174-2020-PCM. to do this, presidency of the council of ministers (PCM) will issue a resolution that allows identification, characterization, evaluation and treatment, as the case may be, of the damages declared by the communities. The draft proposal will be virtually socialized on 26 September and will require 20 days for its publication. This rule will be valid for 120 days.

for the implementation of social emergency fund It was agreed to develop plans for activities and projects in coordination with the 11 native communities. The plan preparation period will be three months and the PCM will be in charge of coordinating the areas of executive power and communities.

It was specified that the above plan would stipulate the activities and small projects that would be executed through implementing the units formed in the communities. After its approval, the executive power will manage its financing.

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