‘Pretty shocking’: Michigan County prosecutor says Rudy Giuliani asked him to seize voting machines


According to a new article in the Washington Post, Trump and his team were illegally promoting their “rigged” theories much sooner than we were led to believe, when the campaign was making legitimate claims that simply lacked evidence, legitimate or otherwise. on the contrary. On November 20, 2020, Rudy Giuliani and “others around him” contacted Antrim County, Michigan Prosecutor James Rossiter and asked him to seize the county’s voting machines.

From the publication article:

Rossiter said he refused. “I said, ‘I can’t just say: give it to me here.’ We don’t have that magical power to demand things as prosecutors. You need probable cause.” Even if he had reason enough to take the machines as evidence, Rossiter said, he couldn’t have given them to strangers. or a party with an interest in the matter.

Correct. Rossiter refers to what we generally call “laws.” If Trump really wanted to go all out for his “coup” and take over the voting machines, he would have had to sign a presidential order directing a federal agency, DOJ, DoD or Homeland Security, to take over the machines and then pray that that the agency believed Trump had the legal authority to seize the machines. Otherwise, they were forced to go to court, like everyone else,

And that’s part of the point. Trump was very willing to steal the election, but he is not Che Guevara and he was not willing to risk jail time or his “health” by putting pen to paper or even calling these departments himself.

This morning, Washington Post attorney Jackie Alemany described the scheme as quite shocking: (Video below)

“Well, it’s amazing, first of all, we keep finding so much new information that hasn’t been discovered yet, which is exactly what the January 6 committee is doing.”

This site, and this writer especially, have written and continue to believe that much bigger bombs are about to fall from the Select Committee, which is one of the reasons we see so many of the GOP power players distancing themselves from Trump.

But this story especially it’s quite shocking because it shows them actually trying to implement some of their plans that we have seen outlined in executive orders to seize voting machines. Here is a situation where they called a specific county and found a reason to do so even though it was obviously quite unconstitutional.

And despite having access to the presidential orders, which could and would have been blocked by a court, they chose to attempt a phone call, a “careful” hit.

“Even in the conversations I’ve had over the last few months, there are still many people involved in this effort who believed that these voting machines needed to be seized for protection and could prove fraud. These people are true believers.”

There is no surprise there. At some point, spending weeks planning anything with that level of desperation, one can make themselves believe almost anything.

“That’s why those clips that just played are so important for everyone to remember, especially when this investigation could lead to whether this was negligence or truly intentional behavior.”

It was intentional and almost everyone knew it then. Everyone knows now, we no longer feel the need to be so careful, not with the amount of evidence available now.

“But it is clear that the former president knew exactly what was wrong with doing these things. He called out Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton for ripping up documents, taking classified information, accepting gifts, mischaracterizations because he knew he was politically damaging and appeared to be corrupt. That is ultimately what I think the Department of Justice will have to do if it ultimately decides to investigate the 15 boxes stolen from Mar-A-Lago, which is what the archives have asked them to do according to our reporting Yesterday.

Of course, Trump knew what he was doing. Trump is not a genius, but he has a fierce and genius survival instinct, and he knows that he should never put his hands very dirty in anything. If you remember, in Trump’s speech on January 6, he told the crowd that he was going with them. They had every reason to believe that Trump would also walk or ride to Capitol Hill. Had Trump been willing to take such risks, as dictators have in the past, he almost certainly would have managed to at least create enough havoc, enough violence, to ensure that Congress could not do its duty, possibly by sending the election to the House. of Representatives, possibly postponing the Electoral College vote count “off” for a period of time, which becomes “indefinitely.”

Over and over we learn the same lessons. There was a serious and concerted effort to stage a coup without regard to any real evidence that Trump won or that the election was actually “rigged.” That Trump was in the middle of the planning from start to finish, including everything that happened on January 6 and, encouragingly, the railings of our democracy held up, judges, secretaries of state, governors, Congress, and even an El Michigan’s district attorney took on a sitting president on the basis of the law… This time.

Now, if we can comply with what the law requires in such situations, we might be able to prevent any attempts in the future.

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