PREPA Accelerators Asks to Be Part of Energy Service Restoration


While less than 50% of the customers of Electric Power Authority (PREPA) and LUMA Energy have electricity, Walberto Rollon Narváez, an outstanding 4 of the public corporation with more than 30 years of service, experiences a sense of impotence and desperation that Ensures they share the more than 4,100 displaced employees with the company’s arrival last year.

“I feel – apart from anger – a frustration and helplessness and they shed tears as I look at places, especially under the aegis, that if we were there, it wouldn’t be what we are experiencing,” the man said.

“We know, we know what to do, where to go and what to do,” said Rolan Narvaez, now a janitor at the Public Buildings Authority.

Rolon Narvez, former employees of Prepa, along with hundreds of outstanding people associated with the union of workers of the electricity and irrigation industry (UTIER) and the Insular Union of Industrial Workers and Electrical Construction (UTIS), will hold a press conference this Friday in front of the headquarters of PREPA and LUMA Energy to condemn that, in vain, they have used the government to use displaced workers. have contacted. Corporation to restore the energy system

Rolan Narvez said guards brought in by LUMA Energy from LUMA Energy, one of Quanta’s parent companies, do not know how the island’s electrical system works. In fact, he said that the Baymon Regional Hospital, then known as Hura, has not yet been activated because it requires an amperage measurement which is not done and that each time the fuses are installed, they explosions occur.

The two main private mental health hospitals in the country – Hospital San Juan Capestrano and Hospital Panamericano – still do not have ties to the energy system. In addition, the mayor of Bayamón, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, condemned this week that the four hospitals in his municipality remain without electricity and have been given functions to date or that they will hire private brigades.

LUMA Energy did not respond to an interview request from this outlet. However, he has stated publicly through Daniel Hernandez, director of renewable projects at LUMA Energy, that he has brought 200 Quanta employees to the island and has “reached” up to 5,000.

“They’re not going to do much because they don’t know the topography of the island. The Jayuya or Barranquitas lines run through the mountains. It’s going to get worse because it’s going to take even longer to restore service,” Rolan Narvez, Vice President of UTIER.

$150 per day diet

new day Turns out that employees brought in by LUMA Energy corresponded to Service Electric Company in Florida and Quanta in Texas. These employees are provided with money, transportation, accommodation and food and drink facilities.

In fact, on the page of the IBEW 222 union, which brings together LUMA Energy employees, it states that they are looking for guards to charge $150 per day and $46.04 per hour for working in electrical networks. are.

The press conference for former PREPA employees is at 11:00 a.m., Rolon Narvez said.

“The main message of this activity is that displaced workers are ready to go to work and to call the governor whether he is with Luma or with the people,” he said.

Governor Pedro Pierlusi has said that “as long as LUMA has the resources, that guideline is not necessary.”

what matters is experience

But Rolan Narvaez differs from the governor because he is a former PREPA employee who does not come to learn.

“The difference will be huge and people are going to see it right away. We have the knowledge and we had an action plan for these atmospheric phenomena, with technical districts, divided islands to act on”, he confirmed.

He described the delay in the resumption of energy service as an “disgrace”.

“It is a shame for the country because first of all they do not have personnel and those who have do not have knowledge. They don’t have an action plan. The first thing that is done is to identify the breakdown of the lines with air and ground patrol. Then patrolling of feeders.

The first thing to do is to always, always, always identify the magnitude of the damage done. That was the law. priority hospitals and aqueduct pumps”, he specified.

According to Doriel Pagan, president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, drinking water service has not been 100% restored due to a power outage.

Yesterday it was revealed that AEE’s Air Operations Unit was left headless with the departure – due to mobility – of the chief of pilots. The unit is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform outdoor load work with helicopter use. that certification is accompanied by or requires that a chief pilot (Chief Pilot) Certified.

“They (Luma Energy) will have an FAA certificate, but they need a certified pilot,” said an informant.

He said that LUMA Energy brought in a man who was certified as chief pilot, But he’s gone.

PREPA has four ships: Super Puma (AS-330), two ASTAR 350 and one MD 530. They are owned by PREPA, but can be used by LUMA Energy.

Former governor Anibal Acevedo Villa disclosed the contents of a letter stating that Luma Energy had hired the Barcelona-based company Master Link to inspect power lines and verify damage caused by Hurricane Fiona. LUMA Energy did not provide precise information about the flights it reportedly made to observe the number of lines or flight hours.

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