PP calls tax on big fortune “reform”


PP’s deputy secretary of economy Juan Bravo has branded this Friday a “reform”. wealth tax Declared by the Minister of Finance, María Jess Monteiro, and criticized that this is a “reaction”. fiscal measures Adopted in Andalusia and Murcia.

Thus Bravo said in an interview with Telecinco gathered by Europa Press, in which he accused the big fortune against the proposed tax and indicated that even the Ministry of Finance had “regarding the design”. There are some doubts”.

“It was a reform in response to the announcement by the presidents of Murcia and Andalusia,” he criticized, while emphasizing that the government intended to go with this measure.take away autonomy and powers« For Autonomous Communities.

Similarly, Bravo has criticized the fact that the Pedro Sánchez-led executive states that “it collection required«When, as they have moved, they have already raised over 22 billion»extraordinary way« And they expected only nine thousand.

The ‘popular’ deputy secretary said, “No longer invent the shopping cart and agree to help deflationary families.”

legal certainty problems

Juan Bravo, on the other hand, has warned of the “legal security problems” that Spain is seeing. What he said is that “this is not the first time” that the government has taken the “wrong path”.

In this sense, he mentioned energy taxTo which he recalled presented a figure that had “nothing to do with Europe’s decree” and then “had to go out to reform.”

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