PP accuses government of manipulating INE development data: “The ministry moves the balls”



Elvira Rodriguez says the executive “cannot hide” the real state of the economy, while President Sánchez showed his satisfaction with four tenths growing to 1.5%

PP deputy, Elvira Rodriguez, in Congress this week.ep

elvira rodrguezThe head of economics for the PP during the presidency of Pablo Casado, former secretary of state for the budget and former chairman of the CNMV, has accused the government of manipulating growth figures published today by the National Statistical Institute and shows a sensitive four. Upward revision of the tenth.

,Economy ministry moves the balls of GDP, Goblets are quarters and some go up but others go down”, he explained on his Twitter social network profile. “But he can’t hide the truth: that we’re the only ones who haven’t reached pre-pandemic status and That’s going down a forecast every time,” he said.

Criticism of the PP relates directly to the fact that the government pressured, even attacked, the presidency of the INE and caused the resignation of the previous chief, Juan Manuel Rodriguez Poo, with economic ministers Nadia Calvio You Jose Luis Escrive At the top, he expressed his doubts on several occasions about the statistics data because they, in his opinion, did not reflect the real state of the economy.

it all led to the appointment elena manzanera An early warning from Europe, as the new president of the INE, and pressure from the government to press a major body.

But at the same time, criticism of the current PP deputy not supported by hard dataStatistics or estimates about what is wrong with the INE review or why it believes the government has manipulated it.

The Government, for its part, has expressed satisfaction over the upward revision of the INE. This has been done by the first Vice President and the Prime Minister himself. ,it encourages us Because we believe that investing in protecting the social majority and being able to modernize our economy and make us more competitive is the way to overcome the complicated situation caused by Putin in Ukraine”, Pedro Sánchez said in his speech. Said in the tenth anniversary of eldiario.es in Valencia.

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