Pope Francis: “I want to live my mission until God allows me”


Knee pain that forces him to move around in a wheelchair. The cancellation of his tour of the Congo and South Sudan, scheduled for July. Call for a symposium (meeting of the College of Cardinals) for the next 27 August. also a visit in August to the city where Celestine V, the first pontiff to resign, is buried; And the recent appointment of 21 new cardinals… are five reasons fueling the rumor about a possible resignation Pope Francisco,

Cardinal in this regard Peter BarrettThe Archbishop of Huancayo believes that these five circumstances came together Build that perfect storm that fuels the resignation rumours. But he does not believe in his resignation. “I was an eyewitness to the evils that afflicted Pope Benedict XVI and led to his resignation. It is nothing like the knee pain that afflicts Pope Francis”, The first vice president of the Episcopal Conference was also revealed.

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However, he acknowledged that Benedict XVI He also called a town hall to announce his resignation. A conclave will then be called to choose his successor. “But this combination of 27 August is different – Monsignor Barreto clarifies – new cardinals will be presented, including two from Brazil, one from Colombia and one from Paraguay”. Only two cardinals from Peru will participate: Barreto and Monsignor Juan Luis Cipriani, Based in Vatican City for many years.

announcement of monsignor burreto This coincides with the confession that Pope Francis himself gave to several bishops of Brazil: that it does not cross his mind to resign as some media outlets say and that they want to live their mission “when As long as God allows it,” the Vatican media reported.

Pope Francis first appeared in a wheelchair in early May due to knee pain. Photo: AFP

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The EFE agency reported that the Archbishop of Porto Velho, Roque Paloschi, assured the Vatican news portal that “There are many challenges ahead of him, but what comes up in the press (in terms of his possible resignation) doesn’t come to his mind,” Francisco told him.

According to Paloschi, the Pope told him: “I want to live my mission until God allows me.”

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Pope’s Challenges. Roque Paloschi, the Archbishop of Porto Velho, assures the news portal Vatican “There are many challenges ahead of him, but what appears in the press (in terms of his possible resignation) doesn’t come to his mind”, Francisco told him, when addressing the issue of his health during a meeting this Monday. it was done. bishops of Brazil On an ‘advertising limit’ visit, which must be done every five years in the Vatican.

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