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Decline in the quality of talent and technical capabilities of public servants of the Government Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is becoming worrying. Entrepreneurs of all sectors are resigned to dealing with personnel who are often incompetent and prejudicial.

Instances of incompetence have been thoroughly substantiated. The most difficult was for the new Public Education Secretary, Leticia Ramirezwho recently in a live interview with Danielle Ditherbide There is evidence of their lack of knowledge about the methods of learning mathematics for elementary school students.

The list is spread across practically the entire spectrum of government with various shortcomings: the ideological bias of governance in civil aviation; hostility against private educational institutions in Conacyt; The minimum number of personnel in some examples of treasuries; diplomatic deafness to foreign relations; Negotiations with pharmaceutical companies in coffeeprice were rejected.

One of the problems with the government by design is that it lacks a human resource officer. Selection and recruitment follow criteria tied to political group and ideology. Thus, there are technical capabilities required to function in the background. This is not exclusive to the government of López Obrador; In fact, it started earlier; But at present it is emphasized under the norms of austerity. These drawbacks are unimaginable in a private company, as its survival depends on its ability to compete, which ultimately depends on the skills of the individuals who create it. If the company loses its best talent to another competitor, the latter will create the best business projects.

The biggest risk associated with the above is that the impact of these government deficiencies on the country’s competitiveness is not being measured. It costs a million dollars, because poor government decisions derived from prejudicial or incompetent talent in public policy-making are reducing the prospects for substantial growth for people and industries. That’s the real problem, and sadly no one is assessing it.

ABB Formula E

The features of the new ABB Formula E car, the Gen3, will be presented to you. The Swedish and Swiss company, in collaboration with the FIA, has presented the date for the Mexico City E-Prix: it will be January 14. The Gen3 car is “the fastest, lightest, most powerful, most durable and most efficient race car ever built.” This will be the eighth time the championship has been held in Mexico and will feature new teams such as the NEOM McLaren Formula E team and MSG (Maserati and Monaco Sports Group). It promises a lot.

by Carlos Mota
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